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Cereal 2.0

by Gianna Duda

Photography by Elisha Machado

Breakfast—a choice between waking up early for a hearty meal or sleeping in and eating a meager granola bar. But, a new type of breakfast and snack has emerged onto the scene to make this dilemma disappear: breakfast bowls.

Simply put, a breakfast bowl is a combination of a smoothie base with toppings ranging from dried fruits to seeds and grains. The smoothie base is a blend of different fruits and vegetables. Some of the most popular base choices tend to be açaí berries, kale or bananas. As far as toppings go, many gravitate toward granola, coconut, fresh fruits and chia seeds.

We all know the importance to eating a good breakfast; it provides a strong start to a busy and possibly stressful day. Aside from getting a hearty breakfast or snack, there are also several health benefits to eating a bowl. Bowls are packed with lots of fruits and vegetables, so it is easier to get closer to the necessary servings of nutrients needed when eating a healthy diet.

This trend has become particularly evident over the past few months, as restaurants and cafes have started featuring several different types of bowls on their menus. Locals and students point to Jugos and Liquiteria for some of Boston’s best and newest breakfast bowls. Jugos, a Back Bay eatery, serves a wide variety of healthy eats and is well-known for its eclectic and original menu. Liquiteria in Cambridge is a Manhattan-based company that arrived this past summer and has quickly become a staple for students looking for a bit of home.

“I love the taste of breakfast bowls. You get a good fulfilling meal that leaves you full until your next meal, but then you also get the refreshing flavor of the fruits." said Emma Johnson (CGS ’19). “Liquiteria has been a favorite of mine for a few years now since I have it back home. It’s nice that I can go here and get a healthy meal every now and then whenever I want a change from the dining hall."

Looking for some on-campus digs? Try Jamba Juice in Warren Towers. Jamba Juice’s Energy Bowls are great for students who are looking for a quick and easy option, without the burden of having to make your own bowl. The menu at Jamba Juice is a little more limited as it only features two options. One bowl is a strawberry, banana and peanut butter blend, while the other is a strawberry, açaí and blueberry mixture. Both are refreshing options when it comes to a healthy start or a mid-day pick-me-up.

Although many breakfast bowl options are emerging at eateries, Amanda Brancato (CGS ’19) prefers to make her own breakfast bowls.

“Once you get into the hang of making them, they get super easy to make and you can discover new and fulfilling food combos,” said Brancato.

For most on campus, it can be difficult to make a bowl in a dorm room. Despite this, no one seems to be straying away from finding the best and most delicious locations in Boston. As more places to find healthy options pop-up, more students will find their interest peaked and will dive into the breakfast bowl trend.

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