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Do it for the 'Gram

by Yasmin Younis

Photo by Kelsey Cronin

Is life even real if your Instagram is not “on point?” Do you plan your ‘grams ahead with the same detail and precision Michelangelo used to sculpt the David? If so, read on InstaFiends, because here is your comprehensive list of BU’s best Instagram spots.

You’ll need some good lighting and a good subject, but the most important factor is a great location. Being at student a BU means you have a plethora of some amazing Instagram spots at your fingertips (sucks to be stuck in Chestnut Hill, am I right B.C.?). Without further ado, here is the complete lineup of the best Instagram locations around Commonwealth Avenue:

  1. The BU Bridge: 7/10 – Located in West Campus, the BU Bridge provides a stunning view of the Boston skyline during the day or night. It’s the perfect spot to take a landscape shot or a group photo. Although the BU Bridge has an amazing view, this spot gets point deductions because practically everyone has posted it before.

  2. Beacon Street: 9/10 – Beacon Street is lined with beautiful buildings and brownstones. If Beacon Street is a part of your daily commute to class, why not show it off with the perfect artsy Instagram? Considering the road-less-traveled aspect of Beacon Street, it earns a strong 9 on the Insta-worthy scale.

  3. Questrom rooftop: a salty 10/10 – If you’ve been lucky enough to get a chance to view the Questrom rooftop, take a photo so the less fortunate have a chance to admire it in all its beauty on their feeds. The Questrom rooftop provides an unbelievably beautiful view of the Boston skyline, Cambridge and our beloved Boston University. Just like the BU Bridge, it’s perfect for an artistic landscape shot or a great photo-op for your group of friends! There is a bitter taste that arises when thinking of this location, solely because of its exclusivity. The biased opinion would be an 8.5/10, but leaving the salt behind, this Questrom oasis earns the top spot.

Photo by Kelsey Cronin

  1. Kenmore Square: 7/10 – One of the perks of being at BU is being minutes away from the ever-so-popular Kenmore Square. Even better? One of Boston’s most iconic structures happens to be in its heart. We BU students know it as our very own North Star: the CITGO sign. Show the CITGO sign a little love and throw it on the ‘gram.

  2. The Charles River Esplanade: 8/10 – Everyone loves the Esplanade; it is undeniable that it’s beautiful during the summer, especially during the fall and even during the thaw of spring. Even though it isn’t as pretty during the winter, the Esplanade gives a great view of Cambridge during the day and night. Also, it extends for miles, giving instapros endless options to post.

  3. Marsh Plaza: 7/10 – This year alone, Marsh Plaza has been occupied by many student groups, earning it a top Instagram spot on campus. An image of the student-filled Plaza with the charming Marsh Chapel in the background is definitely an iconic representation of BU. Be wary where you walk, though, so you don’t set foot on the seal!

  4. The GSU: 6/10 – As BU students, we spend a decent amount of time inside and outside the GSU. With the class flags hanging on the windows, the façade of the GSU provides a nice photo-op to show off some Terrier Pride! Unfortunately, it’s not terribly picturesque so make sure you get creative before snapping your pics.

Photo by Kelsey Cronin

  1. Granite Boston University Sign on Commonwealth Avenue: 5/10 – If you ever walk by 100 Bay State Rd. or you’re near Kenmore, you’ll see the large granite BU sign– it’s really difficult to miss. Whether it’s your first visit to BU or one of your last days, the granite BU sign on Comm. Ave. makes for a good celebratory Instagram. This loses points for the amount of times it has shown up on the feed– usually around acceptance time when Facebook shows your yearly memories. Also, take caution; you have to play a bit of Frogger to get there!

  2. Mugar: 5/10– Major point deductions for the classic book stack photo– who hasn’t posted an Insta in Mugar? This is a good choice if you want to assure your friends that you are way more stressed out than they are. Additional points are added because if your parents follow you, they’ll be happy to see you in the library in the first place.

  3. CAS: 3/10– Please only do this if you are dressed up as the Breakfast Club for Halloween. Otherwise, your friends from other schools are going to wonder what you are doing in a high school hallway.

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