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New Beginnings

by The Music Team

Photo by Stephen Vocaturo

March is always a toss-up in New England as to whether or not it will be a total whiteout, or a perfect precursor to summer—or a little of both. While you can’t rely on the weather this month, you can lean on the music team’s mixtape of spring and nature-themed tunes to get you through the last doldrums of winter.

“Grass” by Animal Collective

Animal Collective has always maintained a primal connection to nature throughout their existence. Maybe it’s all the drum-circle vibes or psychedelic mushroom trips but these guys have never delved too far into the urbane. This song, off 2005’s Feels, fits this bill nicely. While it’s probably about the grass that turns your eyes red and makes Planet Earth a lot more interesting, it still evokes that summery hippie feeling they’re known for. Let Avey Tare’s euphoric screams ring in the springtime. – Ben Bonadies

“Beach Comber” by Real Estate

I don’t know what it is, but Real Estate always feels like spring to me. Those saccharine guitars that feel like a warm summer breeze, Martin Courtney’s cooing all just screams sunshine. And what better way to welcome the changing of the seasons than with a song about dissatisfaction. Every Real Estate track sounds like the month of May distilled into a four-minute pop song and “Beach Comber” is no exception. – Ben Bonadies

“Archie, Marry Me” by Alvvays

Canadian indie rockers, Alvvays, are as crisp and clean as jangle pop gets. There’s an undeniable freshness that “Archie, Marry Me” exudes, from the lyrics’ genuine love-struck demeanor, to the youthful yearning that comes with lead singer Molly Rankin’s eagerness to get hitched. Her voice creeps into the song like a misty sea breeze on the coast, making it the perfect tune to blast from your car stereo while driving by the coast. Is it road trip season yet? – Victoria Wasylak

“Reptile” by The Church

The Church, a.k.a. the Aussie innovators behind the creation of a new wave in the ’80s, created their finest diss track, “Reptile,” on their iconic album Starfish. The track offers not-so-subtle imagery about an ex-lover that’s equal parts slimy and deceitful with a tendency for gorging on hearts like a kimono dragon. Scathing lyrics aside, the opening guitar riffs are what make this tune an earworm that was well beyond its years in the hipster world. Pair this with some Psychedelic Furs and a hearty glass of red wine for full ex recovery. – Victoria Wasylak

"The First Days of Spring" by Noah and the Whale

When March rolls around, everyone is tired of winter and wishes for spring to come earlier. But sometimes you don’t get that, and you get to listen to Noah and the Whale instead (which is just as good in my opinion). Just as the title suggests, the first days of spring are glorious because they’re all about new beginnings. The song is relaxing, sweet and perfect to listen to while laying out on a sunny day at the BU Beach. It inspires you to begin the season with a good outlook and some happy, self-care goals. Beautiful fiddle and guitar mesh with Charlie Fink’s lead vocals for a light, airy, happy tune. To be honest, it really makes me want to go frolic in a field of flowers somewhere. – Emma Parkinson

“Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit

From the LP Manners from 2009, this song will wake up your “sleepy head” from midterm week and will transcend you into spring. The group delivers an ensemble of pulsating electric chime overlapped with ascending voice effects to shower the rhythm that mirrors the feeling of spring and summer. A little old but a classic, Passion Pit delivers their “pittiness” at its finest: combining their weirdest and most eccentric percussion (they even sing in Gaelic) to make their best. This song will always tie well with sunshine and the smell of spring. – Abigail Miglorie

“Heat” by Homeshake

If you enjoy the jizz-jazz soft rock of Mac DeMarco, check out Homeshake. Peter Sagar, Mac’s former guitarist, has moved on to focus on his own music via his new band. Stylistically speaking, “Heat” is a drowsy synth heavy track backed by Sagar’s soft, lovely voice. While it’s not about trees blooming and flowers blossoming, it’s soothing to hear someone sing about looking forward to some heat while there’s still ice on the streets. Although I will say that the heat he’s referring to isn’t the weather, but rather another beautiful warm body to shack up with in bed. It’s essentially a schmoozy lovemaking song, but in the best way. May your winter beds be warm and your upcoming spring be warmer. –Kenny Ramos

“Dream” by Priscilla Ahn

You may remember the sleepy hit "Dream" on Priscilla Ahn's premier album A Good Day from back in 2008. If you don't, try to remember what it was like to be a little kid jumping, swinging and playing in falling leaves. That's "Dream," and it's still great. – Deanna Klima-Rajchel

“Sugar Magnolia” by Grateful Dead

Sitting riverside, listening to Grateful Dead is an ideal way to spend any afternoon. Sugar Magnolia, from the 1970 album American Beauty, is a top ten Deadhead anthem. With direct references to nature and a life-lovin' rhythm, the track is a great addition to a spring break playlist that will inspire and unwind. – Deanna Klima-Rajchel

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