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Night of Nostalgia: West Campus Dining Hall Brings Back '90s Style Cuisine

I walked into the West Campus Dining Hall promptly at 5:15 p.m. to avoid the chaos that usually accompanies themed dinners. After seeing the Facebook event titled “’90s Themed Dinner,” my interest was sufficiently sparked.

Everyone knows the ’90s extended to 2004, so I, along with most of my peers, experienced a fair share of ’90s food. Some heard Dunkaroos would make an appearance, and others, including myself, had no idea what to expect. One thing was for sure: this would either be a complete hit or a complete miss. Out of the many notable foods from the ’90s era, which would make it to the dining hall?

The first notable pieces I saw upon entering were various placemats with collages of ’90s memorabilia, including Pulp Fiction, Jurassic Park and Nirvana. In my once-over I first passed the dessert station, which did, in fact, carry pudding cups filled with Dunkaroos and its complementary dip.

After picking up a cup I passed the grilled station offering veggie burgers. While a cult favorite to some, I identify as a meat lover and chose to pass. Next to the grill sat a staple many—including myself—had at every school lunch: the pizza bagel. Of course, I took two.

The final station I visited held the cheesiest mac and cheese I had every laid eyes on in the dining hall, mixed with chunks of hot dog. With my hands full and stomach empty, I headed to a table for the moment of truth.

The first bite of the night came from none other than the pizza bagel, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The bagel was toasted just right, and the mozzarella and sauce transported me back in time to an elementary school cafeteria. The pizza bagel was definitely a hit, receiving an A for the night.

The next dish I tried was the hot dog mac and cheese, which also lived up to my expectations. The gooey cheese imitated the classic Kraft Mac and Cheese and the hot dogs added a ’90s touch without overpowering the pasta. I can certainly say the hot dog mac and cheese was yet another success for the dining hall, and I would give it an A-.

Lastly, I finished off with the gourmet-style Dunkaroos, which nested in a pudding cup filled with Dunkaroo dip. This dish was a bit messier than the others—because half of the cookies sat underneath the dip, making them hard to reach—but still delicious nonetheless. A wave of nostalgia washed over me, fulfilling my unrequited ’90s desires and receiving a solid B+.

I left the dining hall thoroughly impressed, as the night could have easily been a disappointment. Let’s hope BU Dining Services decides to host another ’90s night because it was definitely a hit––according to the excessive Snapchat and Instagram posts. After trying the many dishes the West Campus Dining Hall had to offer, I, along with my peers, can truly say this was a night to remember, especially for the ’90s kids.

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