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Ice Cream Horoscope

by Riley Sugarman Photography by Cassandra Chan

Boston’s heatwave shows no sign of letting up as summer approaches its bitter end. While you could spend your time soaking in sweat until October, it may be wise to cool off with a ice cream treat.

If you need some suggestions, check out the college-specific ice cream horoscope below to find out what flavor you should try.

College of Arts and Sciences:

CAS encompasses students across an array of majors. Some train to enter the medical field, others dream of a career in psychology and others find an interest in linguistics, to name a few.

Rocky road is the CAS of ice cream because it contains nuts, marshmallows and chocolate ice cream—a mix of very different ingredients that together create a cult classic.

College of Communication:

Superman ice cream, also known as rainbow ice cream, is comparable to COM students because it is both daring and creative.

Isabelle Nguyen-Phuoc (COM ’19) believes the bold attitude of each COM student matches the unique flavor of superman ice cream.

“Plus the rainbow trend is everywhere on the Internet,” said Nguyen-Phuoc, adding that COM students and their colorful personalities were likely the first to enter the superman ice cream craze on social media.

College of Engineering:

Engineering students pride themselves on their innovative and fun personalities, making liquid nitrogen ice cream fit for their orders.

According to Steve Spangler Science, to make liquid nitrogen ice cream “all you need is a little liquid nitrogen (-320 degrees Fahrenheit), some creamy ingredients and an appetite for exploring the science of food.”

College of Fine Arts:

Anyone can pick out a CFA student by his or her effortlessly cool demeanor…similar to the crisp, minty flavor of peppermint ice cream.

Dance performance? In the bag. Lead role in a full-house theatre production? No sweat.

These students can stay cool under pressure and only a bowl of icy cool peppermint ice cream is fit for them to indulge.

College of General Studies:

Most students in CGS are attracted to the school’s program because they can delve into a variety of subjects before declaring a major. Neapolitan ice cream is perfect for these students because it contains a spread of different ice creams: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

“CGS allows you to explore your options,” said Kylie Wilson (CGS ’19). “Neapolitan has so many flavors in one container, so it’s like we can mix and try new things because the flavor options are like our major options.” This motivated Wilson to enroll in the program.

These students are in no rush to commit to a flavor or major, because they can take their sweet time experimenting.


Questrom has a never-ending buzz of students practicing for presentations or rushing to grab lattes between lectures. Coffee Oreo ice cream is perfect for these daring students, because the caffeine serves as a pick-me-up and the Oreo works as a midnight snack during sleepless nights.

Sargent College:

Sargent students are required to take “Intro to Nutrition” and pride themselves on their healthy eating—but even they have a soft spot for ice cream.

These students will be found wolfing down strawberry ice cream because it’s only a bowl of sweetened milk and berries, right?

School of Education:

SED students are the sweetest friends and always ready to cheer you up, just like a birthday cake.

Jenna Lanciani (SED ’19) believes birthday cake perfectly fits the enthusiastic personalities of education students because “the excitement and the rush of the job are reflected in the birthday cake flavor.”

School of Hospitality Administration:

French vanilla ice cream is classic and sweet, just like SHA students.

No other group on campus has the attitude and determination it takes to enter the hospitality industry while remaining kindhearted. Consequently, they are reminiscent of the intense, sweet flavor of French vanilla.

Be sure to grab some ice cream before another New England winter takes over Boston—unless taking a stroll down a snow-covered Commonwealth Ave with an ice cream in hand sounds appealing. In that case, grab seconds.

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