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Winter Carnival

by Ariana Quihuiz

Photo Courtesy of BU

After a lengthy break, getting back into the groove of classes, extracurricular activities and work can be difficult.

If you’re new, a transfer student or just want to expand your world at Boston University, the Student Activities Office puts on the ‘Winter Weeks of Welcome’ to help students acclimate to campus life.

The Weeks of Welcome include events like the Break The Ice Club Fair, Terrier Trivia, other game-themed events and the Back Bay Ball.

This winter, the office decided to add the university’s first indoor winter carnival. This event took place in the George Sherman Union’s Metcalf Ballroom, where freshmen to graduate students alike gathered to enjoy a night of food, games and other fun activities.

The event provided opportunities to try out a bungee run, a mechanical surfboard, have your portrait drawn, play carnival games or found out your fortune from a fortuneteller.

One highlight of the event was the roller skating rink created in one half of the ballroom. The room was transformed with multicolor spotlights decorating the floor. It gave a 1970s-disco vibe to the event.

The winter carnival also offered traditional carnival food like cotton candy and snow cones. There was a photo booth and a balloon animal maker, who could make anything from animals to jetpacks to hats.

To add to the carefree atmosphere, some of the top music hits of the year like Major Lazer and Justin Bieber’s “Cold Water”, Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” played in the background.

“[The carnival was] a great way to get acclimated to the campus and hang out with your friends,” said Catherine Monroy (CGS ’20). “It’s really fun because no one is focused on academics and is just trying to have a good time.”

Students enjoyed that ability to have a break from thinking about all the work that awaits them in the upcoming semester after being overwhelmed with a myriad of class syllabi the first full week of school.

“It’s good because we have small games and it is entertaining,” said Felicia Hudibjo (CAS ’20). “Everything is non-school related so you can actually freshen up.”

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the events of the ‘Winter Weeks of Welcome’ this year, make sure to stop by next year, as you do not want to miss your chance to roller skate at the winter carnival.

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