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Landing at Logan

by Chloë Hudson

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

The airplane propels forward at a high speed until you feel the wheels lift from the runway. You can finally relax and pat yourself on the back. You made it. There is nothing more to do until you reach your final destination and you are calm, collected and ready for the flight ahead.

Boston University students come from all 50 states and over 100 countries. Inevitably, a number pass through Logan International Airport.

There are a number of ways to improve your airport experience—whether that means reducing costs or taking the opportunity to splurge.


Technology is essential for communication and entertainment. With free Wi-Fi (SSID: “Boingo Hotspot”) and charging stations built into many of the seating areas, Logan has your back. But you will surely not be the only one looking to charge up before their flight, so consider investing in a portable battery charger to toss into your carry on and keep you connected.

Be sure to activate “airplane mode” on your devices and to turn off “cellular” and “data roaming” on international flights to reduce costs. Also, in case you are not familiar with your destination, save offline Google Maps on your iPhone for easy navigation.

Splurge Suggestion: Airport lounges typically have a much faster Wi-Fi connection. If you are a frequent flier with the same airline, look into whether perks include access to a lounge. Or, you can purchase a pass, such as Priority Pass, for guaranteed access.

Food and Beverages

Traveling can be tiring and you will want to give yourself some on-the-go food options. Purchasing these treats inside of the airport can be extremely expensive, so consider planning ahead and bringing some with you. For example, you can bring pre-packaged snacks like trail mix and pretzels, or a piece of fruit.

It is also especially important to stay hydrated on airplanes. Water fountains are set up throughout terminals, so it is not difficult to refill a reusable water bottle. Just make sure that the bottle is empty when you go through security screening.

Splurge Suggestion: Build in time to explore the dining options in the airport.

Security Screening

Security screening is tedious, but so important to safely travel. To get through fast, do your research ahead-of-time—see what items are allowed, what are prohibited and what have to be removed from your bag. Consider packing your carry on to allow easy-access to the items that must be taken out. Terminals will often supply transparent bags to separate liquids from other items, but doing this at home will prevent opening your bag in a crowded space. Consider collecting unused hotel toiletries, which are almost always small enough to take with you.

Also, dress accordingly. Wear shoes that are easy to remove and don’t wear anything that will set off the alarm.

Studies have also shown that most right-handed people tend to choose the security lanes to the right, so steer to the left and you might find yourself moving much faster.

Splurge Suggestion: If you apply for a five-year TSA Pre✓ membership, you will not have to remove your shoes, laptops, liquids, belts or light jackets.

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