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Pretty In Pink

by Sonia Kulkarni

Graphics by Deanna Kilma-Rajchel

Last week, Boston got a sneak peak of spring. With temperatures up in the 60’s and 70’s, students basked in the sun sporting their favorite warm weather pieces: statement sunnies, sun-dresses, denim skirts and all sorts of spring attire. Even though early March is technically still considered winter, this mini taste-of-spring weekend excited many Bostonians for what is to come with this spring’s fashion favorites. Students stripped their jackets and covered the BU beach, searching for the best spots to flaunt their looks and soak up the rays.

This spring, expect some major wardrobe changes––in the best way. Usually, spring is seen as one of the most predictable seasons in fashion with the return of floral frocks and light denim. However, individuality has taken over the fashion world more than ever in recent months. People are experimenting more with their style, and putting together daring looks that may not necessarily conform to what is usually ‘in-season.’ While floral patterns and denim mix-match outfits are still at the forefront of this season, people seem more into expressing their individual styles regardless of must-have items. However, the one trend everyone is fitting into their spring look is the color pink, in all of its tones––bubble-gum pink to pale blushes.

Even Refinery29 claims that color pink is going to make it big this spring. In the height of our generation rejecting gender norms, it is interesting that the color pink is making such a comeback. The color, which has historically represented women and girls time and time again, has gracefully made its return to the runway, and seems to be a crowd favorite. Renowned fashion houses Balenciaga, Chloé and Valentino all filled their shows with variations of the color, rushed their pink designs to the runway and showed off how this season's favorite color can be chic, classy and trendy in various ways. With a mix of different patterns and fabrics, these designers have managed to make the once ‘cringeworthy’ pink into something that everyone wants to their hands on! Even without any excess frills or glamor, the color still manages to stand out. It can be romantic, sophisticated or feminine depending on the design, pattern and the way it is worn.

Balenciaga opted for bright pink and hot pink designs in the runway looks. For instance, a fuchsia top was paired with some bright-purple leggings. This unique, stunning look embodies the out-of-the-box and bold concept of the upcoming season. Putting the two colors together––fuchsia and purple––was incredibly risky since they are almost always individually blinding; however, they seemed to work well in the outfit, creating a fun and eye-catching aesthetic. Not every designer went for such a bold look. Instead, Rochas opted to pair the bright color with a forest green to tone it down a bit.

While pink’s return is supported by many, some people, like Julia Sohn (COM ’20) are a bit unsure of it.

“As far as pink coming back into style, I’m not quite sure how to feel about it,” she says. “I think as long as it’s used as a statement color, pink is bold.”

Head over to retailers like Zara or H&M to get your hands on the latest pink items. From high-rise pants to nylon jackets, you’ll definitely find a way to add the hot color into your closet. And, if pink isn’t your style, you can chose from the several shades of yellows, greens and khakis that are sure to dominate spring fashion as well. These colors also proved to be incredibly popular on the runway.

While every fashionista obsesses over their favorite shades of these hot colors, do not forget the basic spring essentials. As always, as the flowers start blooming outside, every storefront fills their windows with a variety of floral pieces. Floral is always a big hit in the spring seasons into summer; however, this season there is a twist on the trend. Floral embroidery is seen decorating denim and sheer fabrics (Christian Dior, you are a genius!). Floral skirts, dresses and off-the-shoulder shirts are regular must-haves for the season.

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