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by Anjali Balakrishna

Photograph courtesy of Noor Nassar

No college student wants to waste money traveling. Thankfully, with, there is no need to let your bank account hold you back.

Global media commerce company Travelzoo is the leading publisher of travel, entertainment and local deals. It sorts through other companies’ deals to help travelers find their perfect match. Over 28 million members take advantage of the website across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Travelzoo’s greeting screen always displays the latest deals and packages, along with the featured destination at the time. Other options provide deals on hotels, flights, entertainment, cruises, restaurants, car rentals and spa getaways. While many of these categories can be found within most travel packages, they are also listed as individual options and are easily locatable. For example, if a customer wants to find a hotel deal, they can search exclusively for hotels and even refine their search further to “Grown-up Getaways,” something “Family-Friendly” or simply search by city.

What makes Travelzoo attractive is its unique selection of packages. An example is a recent Top 20 package, “Spain: Tour Madrid, Granada & Seville w/ Flights,” which consists of a six-night stay and a guided tour through the Andalusian region of Spain. Priced at $1199, this includes airfare, hotel stays, transportation, meals and the tours themselves. For all of the amenities included in the fee per person, it is a steal.

Users can browse Travelzoo’s different sections to learn more about a particular package. A section called “The Deal” provides details about an offer and lists potential departure dates. It is important to note that depending on the season, airfare may increase. In addition, some listings may even have a “Why We Love It” or “What’s The Catch” section. While it may not be such a nice thing to pay additional fees on flights, the upside is they are upfront about the deal’s shortcomings and do not blindside the customer.

Another beneficial aspect of the website is the community interface. Comments can be added to any deal listed, so consumers can get an honest idea of what they will be getting out of their trip. Travelzoo also lists the pros and cons of the deals they provide. This site can be a goldmine for students looking to feed their adventurous side without breaking the bank.

Travelzoo’s team of deal experts review all offers, confirm their true value and approve them before publishing. Although it does cost other agencies to advertise with Travelzoo, this does not guarantee that their deal will be listed. Customers will always know the origin of the deal as the deal will be linked.

Try Travelzoo to get an amazing deal on a dream trip.

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