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Looking Cute When the Weather Doesn't Want You To

by Greta Cain

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During the first few months of the school year, changing temperatures can leave you feeling like you’re never dressed quite right for the weather. When you leave in the morning it’s freezing, but by midday it’s hot and sunny. Then, there’s the rain. Not only can it leave you––and your outfit––soaked, but the humidity can do horrors to your hair. On days like these, it can seem daunting to pick out an outfit in the morning, but not to worry! There are tons of ways to work around the inconsistent weather and combat the heat, humidity and rain.

Being prepared for all kinds of weather is key. It may seem obvious, but having an umbrella and light rain jacket stashed in your bag is always a good idea, even if the forecast says otherwise. For a more stylish and fun rain look, try a raincoat in a bold color or fun print to brighten up the mundane walk to class.

While rainboots always come in handy, pairing tall boots with jeans isn’t practical in the early autumn’s heat. So, ankle-length, rubber rainboots are the perfect solution. If you choose to rock tall wellies, they look adorable with shorts, a button down and a long raincoat or trench. Add a pop of color with a printed umbrella on rainy days or a chunky knit scarf for chilly mornings.

Varying temperatures definitely make dressing in this transitional weather difficult. However, as we all know, layering is key. Nicole Avazian (COM ’21) said that her secret weapon is a denim or army-style jacket.

“You absolutely can’t go wrong with an oversized jacket to pull your look together,” she said. “Just make sure it’s lightweight enough that you won’t be too hot later in the day.” For men as well as women, the addition of a light jacket is pivotal. The right jacket can perfectly dress up a classic tee and jeans combo without adding a heavy layer.

Most importantly, find a way to reuse your summer pieces by layering with sweaters and jackets. Many students look for opportunities to wear their summer clothes into the fall season.

“I err on the side of wearing less instead of more because I dislike being hot more than I dislike being cold, but I also usually bring a sweater just in case,” said Sophia Brocoum (ENG ’21).

Layering an oversized, lightweight sweater over a satin-slip or bodysuit can be the perfect way to transition some of your favorite summer pieces into the new season. Fashionistas also love to layer corsets and lacy camisoles over button-downs and simple tees. Pair either option with high-waisted Levis or your go-to boyfriend jeans, and you’re sure to have a killer look. A vintage denim jacket with a dress and cool sneakers is an equally simple option for transitional style. Fashion sneaker options are endless, whether it’s classic high top Converse, Stan Smiths, Pumas or New Balances. It’s not hard to find a pair that suits your style and that will withstand the wear and tear of the campus commute––even in the unpredictable Boston weather!

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