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Surviving the Cold

by Suparna Samavedham

Photography courtesy of Carina Lee

Although we might not make into the top ten list for the coldest cities during the winter, Boston is infamous for its deadly crisp winter winds and fluffy, yet bulletproof, snow.

According to, because this autumn was warmer than usual, the winter was predicted to be moderate and similar to years past. However, the Early January blizzard (also dubbed as the “historic bomb cyclone”) that left the city covered in over two feet of snow proved that we should expect the unexpected when it came to New England weather.

For some, winter is an opportunity to experience snowfall for the first time and enjoy the company of warm blankets and a cup of hot cocoa. While for others, it is a time to layer up and trek through ample piles of snow while freezing to the bone.

For first-time snow witness Sruthi Dhulipala (COM’19), who recently moved to Boston from South India, winter is “a very new experience as Hyderabad’s winters are similar to Boston’s summers,” she said. “I am excited about watching snow fall from the sky as this is my first actual winter.”

For other first-years who have lived in North America but are new to the cold temperatures in New England, this is finally an opportunity to appreciate the notorious Pumpkin Spice Latte while wearing their newly minted down jackets.

Prachi Kholwadwala (ENG’21) said she is excited because her hometown of Albuquerque, NM, is practically a desert.

“Walking to class is going to be terrible but I bought a really expensive and cozy jacket, and I am excited to see a lot of snow,” said Kholwadwala.

For veterans of Boston Winters however, the icy winds they are about to incur this winter is old news. So, what have they learned over their several years of chilling winters?

Vardaan Aashish (CAS’18) said staying warm is all about the layers.

“Be smart with layering because it’s cold outside and usually warm inside,” said Aashish. “You want to be able to take your winter coat off and not freeze/burn so wear layers that work for both temperature extremes.”

Arcelia Barragan (CAS’20) said her advice is to get clothes that are both warm and waterproof.

“To best prepare for the winter, I would stock up on hand warmers, scarves, gloves and anything that keeps you warm,” said Barragan. “I would get a decent pair of snow boots, otherwise your feet will freeze and be all wet.”

Waseem Awad (CAS’21) swears by warm beverages to keep himself comfortable during Boston’s extremely negative temperatures.

“I love buying Starbucks drinks year-round, but especially during the winter as they keep your hands and body warm,” said Awad. “Warm beverages also taste best during this time of the year. My personal favorite is a Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte.”

No matter what your plan of attack is, just make sure to keep yourself healthy for the semester ahead and Spring Break!

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