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Brunch Horoscopes

by Riley Sugarman

Photography courtesy of Marissa Wu

Brunch is an integral part of Boston University, whether as a way to catch up with friends or recuperate after a night out.

Each BU school has its own distinct personality, as does each brunch location in Boston. Keep reading to find out which brunch spot to try out next weekend according to your BU school.

College of Arts and Sciences

CAS is the largest school at BU with 24 different departments and a variety of majors. Union in Allston matches the vast array of choices with its extensive menu.

The restaurant offers seven types of pancakes, five types of Belgian waffles, six types of eggs Benedict and 13 omelets, which is enough to make any CAS student feel at home.

College of Communication

COM students need to think outside of the box to make it in the communication world post-graduation. The menu at Lulus looks freshly plucked from a communication major’s dreams, with unique and eye-catching options.

Some options include Vermont maple crème brulee, bourbon pecan-chocolate chip pie, short rib mac & cheese and espresso martinis.

College of Engineering

While known for its unique food options, such as crab cake Benedict, cinnamon monkey bread and homemade Pop Tart, Stephanie’s offers a build-your-own Bloody Mary that is customizable from the spirit used to the flavor of rim salt.

Engineering students spend their days building in EPIC, so they would undoubtedly create the best Bloody Mary possible when stopping by at Stephanie’s Tremont or Newbury Street locations.

College of Fine Arts

Trident Café is known for its quirky atmosphere, and it’s no secret that CFA students have a similar attitude. Their infectious spunk can be spotted from halfway down Comm. Ave.

CFA students will fit right in with the ambiance and the fun events offered at Trident Café, not to mention the tasty food.

College of General Studies

Located on Newbury Street, Cafeteria offers a plentiful brunch menu for any foodie who has trouble deciding on a location for Sunday brunch.

CGS students chose their school to help decide on a major, so they will love the variety Cafeteria has to offer.


Tatte Bakery and Café’s menu is simple and to the point with classic options everyone will love.

Tatte boasts staple dishes such as egg in a hole and croissant sandwiches, along with an extensive coffee and tea menu that Questrom students need to survive the long hours of core.

“Tatte feels like an elevated version of Breadwinners, so it would fit perfectly in Questrom,” said Angela Egger (QST ’20).

Sargent College

The Friendly Toast is known for its plethora of vegan, gluten free and vegetarian-friendly options, along with a “Fit & Friendly” menu. Sargent students’ main concern is staying healthy during the semester, and they will have no problem doing so at this healthy brunch place.

“I like that it’s locally sourced because supporting local farmers is both beneficial for them and for our health,” said Rachel Litton (SAR ’18).

School of Education

SED students spend most of their days in practicum preparing to become the next generation of educators. For them, there is no better place to eat brunch than at The Breakfast Club.

The brunch spot offers dozens of breakfast and lunch options, including the Library Special menu with choices such as The Janitor, The Jock, The Teacher and The Dean’s Office, which is perfect for any future teacher.

“It’s a brunch place based on a movie about a school, and they literally have an option called ‘The Teacher,’ so it’s definitely fitting,” said Jenna Lanciani (SED ’19).

School of Hospitality Administration

Earls offers foods fit for continental breakfasts, ranging from golden waffles and cream to an avocado super brunch. SHA students plan to enter the hospitality field, many hoping to work in swanky hotels.

They will love Earls’ self-described sophisticated setting which compares to high-end hotel bars.

No matter what school you are in, take these suggestions to venture outside of the BU bubble for a couple of hours or discover a new weekend tradition with friends.

“Brunch is a way to eat breakfast in the middle of the day without feeling bad about yourself,” said Maggie Frawley (SAR ’18).

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