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Uplifted Listening

by Music Staff

Photography courtesy of Ultra 5280 on Creative Commons on Flickr

The transition to spring means more sun, brightly-colored apparel and rejuvenation – and of course, there is an array of songs to go with it. For this month’s playlist, the Music Team has selected a few inspiriting songs that will be sure to make your days brighter. Play these throughout the month, as the colder weather dwindles and the floral patterns appear by clicking here.

“The Wolves” by Ben Howard

I'm the kind of person that usually listens to music at my desk while multitasking. Ben Howard is the exception. I usually find myself playing this track on a walk to class, briefly transported to some far-off forest away from the stresses of work and school for a few minutes. – Cole Schoneman

“Strawberry Swisher pt. 3” by Dance Gavin Dance

This song kicks ass from the zero second mark and doesn't let up. Regardless of what sort of mood I'm in, I will always try to belt singer Tilian Pearson's obnoxiously high-clean vocals and fail spectacularly. – Cole Schoneman

“Green Light” by Lorde

The fact that Melodrama didn't win album of the year at the Grammy's is a whole other issue. For an introspective, more sullen album, "Green Light" is surprisingly upbeat and catchy as hell. – Cole Schoneman

“Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man

The Alaskan band's Grammy-winning runaway hit will make you put this song on repeat all week. You won't be able to resist breaking into a dance routine to this catchy song. The upbeat rhythm will make you rebel just for kicks now. – Jennifer Suryadjaja

“Young Dumb & Broke” by Khalid

Jam to this carefree song and let it all out with Khalid's classic raspy voice. This song makes me think of the good old days, perfect for reminiscing Throwback Thursdays. – Jennifer Suryadjaja

“Glorious” by Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey

This song’s piano loop alone is a reason to give it a listen. "Glorious" cheers to the start of a fresh future, full of positivity. Watch the heartwarming music video for the feels and full effect as Macklemore throws a planned surprise party for his grandmother's 100th birthday. – Jennifer Suryadjaja

“Miracle Mile” by Cold War Kids

Upbeat and motivational, this lesser-known anthem delivers the simple message to “come up for air” and move forward without getting pulled by back by your own thoughts. This song packs in a giant energy boost, urging the listener to get up and make the most of the present, leaving the future as an acceptable and exciting mystery. –Karissa Perry

“Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust” by Owl City

Although Owl City’s hype seemed to die down post “Fireflies,” the electronic soloist is almost incapable of releasing a song that doesn’t stir up motivation and all-around positive vibes. This song, like all of the artist’s other tracks, puts listeners in a trance-like state as the lyrics tell a story and the perky electronic inflections keep things moving. If you need to boost of optimism or a mental diversion, this song will come through.

“Beautiful Day” by U2

As hinted by the name, this beloved U2 song is uplifting without feeling forced or cliché. Maybe it’s the climatic build to the chorus or the anecdotal lyrics, but it leaves me feeling as if I just received the greatest pep talk of my life. It is extremely relatable without being overdone – an authentic preach to look at the glass half full.

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