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Double Take

by Madison Duddy

Photography courtesy of Faustine Steinmetz Instagram

Denim on denim often attracts a few distasteful or confused looks, but spring/fall 2018 lines are featuring denim everything.

In menswear and womenswear, denim ensembles are reappearing with designs like denim suits, long skirts and shoes. Designers like Malibu 1992, Christian Dior and Faustine Steinmetz are transforming iconic denim looks and making it a staple in everyone’s 2018 wardrobe.

Canadian Tuxedos, which are denim jackets paired with jeans, are the most popular denim style this year.

This 90’s look is prominent in the collections of Malibu 1992 fall 2018 and Christian Dior spring 2018. Malibu 1992 has blue and brown/yellow denim blazers with jeans, denim dress shirts and denim bow ties for a fun outfit that is red-carpet ready.

Christian Dior offers more casual looks, including a dark and light denim patchwork blazer with matching pants. This ensemble, paired with heals and a light tank top, is perfect for any night out. Also, for a day look, the blazer and pants can be worn with flats and a blouse.

Malibu 1992’s fall 2018 collection includes a ball gown style denim skirt in blue and dark navy. This skirt could rock any black-tie event with a fitted, denim corset.

Also, Christian Dior spring 2018 collection includes a long, embroidered, patchwork denim skirt. With a sheer blouse, bralette and heels, this unique look is sure to stand out on the street or at any spring event.

Designer Faustine Steinmetz’s fall/winter 2018-19 collection is full of denim trends, but the shoes stand out in particular. Her pointed, denim mules that tie up the leg and booties made with light and dark denim can be worn with any pant or skirt for day and night looks.

Although 90’s denim trends have scattered across the runways for years, 2018 appears to be the climax of the denim comeback.

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