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Travel in Style

by Roma Patel

photography courtesy of Ember Larregui

For every trip we embark on, our carry-on, handbag, purse or backpack contain variable contents. On the hiking trip in the Himalayas, wool socks are a must. A trip to Marrakech? Shawls are a necessity. Shorts are essential to beat the heat for a city break in Asia.

Sometimes, though, there are items in our closet that we can’t help but take with us on every single trip. Whether it’s a certain jacket, a pair of Converse or a particular purse, these pieces are fashionable and practical.

When it comes to traveling, you always want to look your best. Whether it’s for a confidence boost, fitting in with the locals or simply looking presentable, being happy with what you throw on in the morning while traveling matters. It is important, though, to limit what you pack when you do go somewhere, regardless of whether you are traveling by car, ship or air. Traveling light helps you make the most of your time and it prevents you from worrying about your belongings.

“When I travel, I always make sure to pack as light as possible,” said Olivia Rolnik (CAS ’20). “I bring only as much as I need and nothing more. I also try to mix and match pieces so that my wardrobe is versatile and can be worn a couple of times if needed.”

By packing staple pieces that you reach for most often, you can guarantee an easy dressing experience while on the go, Rolnik added.

“So, taking the items you love most can be very useful since you will be most likely to wear those pieces and be creative with them by using them in versatile ways,” Rolnik said. “My number one travel essential is definitely my J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket. I absolutely love it!”

Having layers that are both warm and light weight is incredibly important for trips because you never know when the weather can change. Plus, you want to make sure the jackets, sweaters or coats you bring can match with any item in your mobile wardrobe seamlessly.

“It is so versatile, the perfect weight and has a ton of pockets. This jacket can be worn in multiple seasons, making it an easy go-to,” Rolnik said. “I recommend to anyone looking for a good, affordable travel jacket!”

While traveling, one of the most important aspects of the clothes you bring is comfort. When you’re roaming the cobblestone streets of Europe or hiking in the Adirondack Mountains, you don’t want to be caught in the wrong kind of footwear or without a light jacket. So, it’s important to have things that will fit the activities of your trip well and are still comfortable to wear regularly.

“Mostly, I try to make sure that the clothes I wear are comfortable because it is the worst when you are traveling and are uncomfortable in what you are wearing,” said Kayla Chavier (Wheelock ’20).

A cozy sweater, a soft pair of pants or even a pair of old Converse can make all the difference on a trip and help you make the most of your time in a particular place. So, at times, it can be helpful to throw that extra piece of clothing that you might not end up using into your carry-on or check-in.

When you travel, it’s nice to have tops and pants that are lightweight, comfortable and can be worn with mostly anything. Limiting the sorts of items you pack to basics allows you to create more outfits with less clothing. So, whether you pack a pair of dress pants or jeans, a simple Henley or a blouse, having a versatile wardrobe can eliminate excess in your suitcase and make room for shopping!

“I always take a pair of black Lululemon leggings because they are really comfortable for travel and they go with almost anything,” said Margaret Fuller (COM ’20).

The holidays are right around the corner and there are plenty of vacations to daydream about. Think ahead about what you might bring along with you. Whether your trip is a cruise to Antarctica, a Roman holiday or a safari in Africa, it might help to pack clothes that are versatile, comfortable and lightweight. After all, whenever you’re away, anything can happen.

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