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Boston's Best Food Bloggers

by Riley Holcomb

photography courtesy of Amanda Willis

Every day, people scroll through their Instagram feed when all of a sudden, their mouth starts to water from seeing a picture of eggs benedict from The Breakfast Club or frozen yogurt from Cafe 472. These food bloggers have taken the world by storm, showing their thousands of followers the most popular restaurants and dishes in their city. Boston is no exception; the city atmosphere is not only great for tourists, but it’s also a paradise for foodies who always seem to capture every tasty treat.

One of the most popular Instagram pages is @bostonfoodies, which has 148 thousand followers and 1,307 posts all about the best food found here in Beantown. The blog is run by Tiffany Lopinsky who graduated from Harvard in 2016 and now lives with her dog, Basil, a very fitting name for a food blogger’s pet. She not only features pictures of her delicious meals but also of the restaurants so viewers can see the atmosphere and environment for themselves. Lopinsky also has Instagram highlights at the top of her page that lists every place she visits, making it very easy for followers to see exactly where each dish is located.

In additions to running this major Instagram page, Lopinsky also has her very own website where she writes blog posts of her own. The website delivers a very ‘homey’ feel to it, making it seem inviting and charming to her audiences. She covers everything from reviews of restaurants to sharing the easiest ways to order takeout to apps that help users take the best Instagram food pictures. Lopinsky's blog is just one of many that help the thousands of Bostonians decide where they want to eat on their late Friday nights.

Another major Instagram blog is @infatuation_boston, which is actually a smaller chapter of a larger page, @infatuation. They are a company whose mission is “to bring you the most honest and trustworthy opinions on where to eat around the world” by providing reviews on thousands of restaurants in places such as London, Barcelona, Tokyo and Sydney. They rate their dinners out of ten points and judge several dishes so that one plate does not make or break their score. They also consider the price of the food, the location and whether the dishes are vegan or vegetarian.

The overall Infatuation food review page has about 748 thousand followers with 11,503 posts, while the Boston-specific blog has a growing audience of 9,598 followers and 209 posts. Their posts often look as though they were taken straight from a magazine and are often paired with a witty caption to tie the whole post together.

One of the major Instagram food pages is actually in accordance with our very own Boston University. The @spoon_boston blog has over 5,300 followers and 1,153 posts dedicated to showing all BU students the best restaurants along the large campus. They feature both smaller cafes located throughout the BU area, as well as special themed nights hosted by some of the dining halls. One of their most loved annual events at West dining hall is ’90s night, where they serve tater tots, smiley face-shaped French fries and pizza bagels. This page also previews food-related events happening around campus, perfect for those who seek to find free food.

It is very well known that Boston is one of the best cities in the world for its historical significance, but also for its food and, now, for its food bloggers. It’s easier than ever to find the best dishes to satisfy your taste buds with all of these pages and websites. So, when you and your friends are fighting over whether to eat at Chipotle or Blaze Pizza on Saturday night, try checking out one of these blogs instead and venture out into the city to get your perfect plate.

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