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5 Hairstyles for Bad Hair Days That Aren't Slick Backs

The best hairstyles for greasy or frizzy hair days from a girl who can’t do slick backs!

By: Riya Mahtani

A girl tying up her hair and looking in a mirror
Photo By: Mia Anderson

If you’re like me and don’t love how slick backs look on you but still need some quick and easy hairstyles for those bad hair days, I’m here for you. These are my top five go-to hairstyles for when my hair is not looking the best, but I still want to look cute and put together!

  1. Braided Headband: This is my favorite hairstyle for when my hair is especially greasy because it’s so cute and easy to do! Section off the front parts of your hair on both sides and braid it down to the back of your head. If you have bangs or layers like me, I recommend doing a Dutch or French braid to keep all the hair in place. Tie off the braids under your hair at the back of your head, and you’re ready to go!

  2. Two Half-Up Braids: This is my go-to hairstyle that’s perfect for frizzy hair days! Section off half your hair on either side of your head and braid it towards the back of your head. If you’re feeling fancy, you can do a French braid, but I like to keep it simple with regular braids. This hairstyle is so easy and adds such a cute pop to your hair.

  3. Twisted Half-Up Half-Down: This is definitely the easiest hairstyle to do and can be worn in so many ways! Take as much hair as you want from the front of your head on either side and twist it towards the back of your head. You can tie it off as a ponytail or spice it up with a spiky bun. You can also twist all your hair into a low ponytail or bun. This hairstyle is so easy and versatile – it can be both professional and elegant in a matter of minutes. This works great for greasy and frizzy hair!

  4. Bubble Ponytail: Think Princess Jasmine! This hairstyle is so cute and perfect for frizzy hair days. Just tie your hair into a ponytail, low or high (whatever works best for you), and add hair ties every few inches until you get to the end of your hair. Then, puff up the hair between the hair ties as much as you want for extra volume. I’ve been seeing this hairstyle everywhere lately, and I think it’s so gorgeous and elegant!

  5. Pigtails with Braids: This hairstyle is great for messy hair days. Typically, I do one medium-sized braid on each side of my head in the front and tie it into low pigtails, but you can do multiple smaller braids if you prefer. This is such a cute look and is a more elevated version of basic pigtails. This hairstyle is perfect if you want to keep your hair down but out of your face.

I hope these easy hairstyles give you some inspiration and ideas for looking cute on bad hair days. And if all else fails, you can always go for a classic messy bun look!


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