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A Good Time in Allston: BU Edition

How can students make a weekend in the BU Allston bubble exciting?

By: Allyn Tucker

A girl and a guy sitting on BU beach
Photo By: Ria Huang

Boston is a city full of life, making a “boring” weekend impossible. We all know about the Boston Common, the shopping on Newbury, and the Italian food in the North End, but venturing out to explore the city can feel like a hassle especially after a long week. Although our daily walks down Commonwealth Avenue may seem like all BU has to offer, much more lies beyond our Student Link schedules.

Hidden down the stairs next to El Jefe’s, the wonders of vintage fashion await. Complete with musical records, books, trinkets, and, of course, clothes, a trip to The Vintage Underground on Commonwealth Avenue is a must. While many of the vintage items carried in-store are rare and unique, they often come at a very high price point. For a more affordable option, more shopping is available less than a hundred feet down the road; grab a group of dedicated thrifters and find some absolute steals at the Commonwealth Avenue Goodwill.

Forget the Common! The perfect picnic spots are right in our backyard. BU Beach, located behind Marsh Plaza, is a great starting point: the picnic tables and lawn chairs are already there, so all that’s left to bring is the food and activity. A classic picnic is always amazing, but a quick stop at Target is the perfect way to elevate the day. With a couple of canvases, a set of paints, and a dream, nothing is more relaxing than an amateur painting session. If you’re looking to spice up your locations and try something new, a quick walk from the beach will lead to the BU Docks. Sitting directly on the Charles River, the docks are the perfect place to view Boston’s beautiful sunsets. There isn’t much better for artistic inspiration (and a couple of photos) than watching the sky exploding with color.

Nothing closes out a perfect weekend quite like good food, and Allston is crawling with it. Within blocks of BU’s campus, there are fantastic restaurants to try. It’s almost impossible to run out of options, but some stand out above all the rest. For an experience as well as a good meal, making a hot pot at Shabu-Zen is unbeatable. With good service and even better dinner, it is a welcomed escape from repetitive dining hall dinners. Even closer to campus is Super 88 Market, home to many incredible vendors and restaurants. After dinner, The Scoop N Scootery is the perfect place for dessert. After all, everyone has some extra room in their stomach for customizable ice cream sundaes.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and with these suggestions, the weekend will end in no time. There’s never enough room for everything BU and Allston have to offer, but consider this itinerary the starting point.


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