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Let’s keep ourselves and our bodies healthy

By: Andrea Lauritsen

As omicron cases have rapidly risen throughout Boston, it’s essential to take extra good care of yourself to ensure a safe and positive start to the semester.

The most efficient way to build immunity to COVID-19 is to get vaccinated (including the booster shot!). The booster shot is designed to increase the antibodies already supplied by the initial vaccination. By getting boosted, one can enhance protection and stop the spread.

Another way to build immunity is by making sure you are getting enough vitamins, specifically Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C. Eating foods such as chicken, green vegetables, salmon, sunflower seeds, potatoes, and peanut butter are all ways to fit in the proper amount of vitamins to stay healthy. One easy way to make sure you are consuming enough vitamins is to buy frozen fruits and vegetable packs. Buying in bulk allows you to take in your specific daily consumption, an amount individual to you. It may not be as fun as taking Flinstone gummies, but it does the trick!

Especially with classes starting up, although it doesn’t seem easy, managing lowering stress levels is how immunity can strengthen. Due to the hormones created when we’re stressed, our body cannot fully defend itself against antigens. Cortisol, a hormone related primarily to stress, changes our blood sugar levels and can even affect the strength of our muscles. Daily dietary supplements exist to balance cortisol levels if you find stress relief for boosting immunity challenging. Talk with your doctor to figure out which one is right for you!

Lastly, staying hydrated is vital to sustaining a strong immunity. Water provides many benefits to boosting immunity by providing our bloodstream with essential nutrients and detoxing the body from harmful toxins. Staying hydrated can mean drinking a cup of hot water and lemon before you go to sleep or carrying your reusable water bottle with you to your day-to-day tasks.

The bottom line: there is not one singular way to boost immunity. However, when your immunity is strong, you’re able to keep a better peace of mind as cases start to surge and flu season begins. Especially in the winter, illness is common. Taking extra measures to ensure you do not get sick is one way to create a positive start to the semester.

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