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Five Quick and Easy Meals for College Students

By: Zach Murray

With the semester in full swing, it can be too easy to use those dining points around campus and pick up a quick meal before or after classes. However, as an avid fan of Basho, dining points can quickly disappear. So, whether you are on campus or off, it is always handy to have a list of easy and healthy recipes you can chef up in just a few minutes.

Avocado Toast

This list wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite brunch treat. Although avocado toast can be a bit messy to make, it takes about 5 minutes, and the deliciousness is well worth it. All you need is a slice of bread (toasted or untoasted), a ripe avocado, and an egg to scramble on top of it. For the most flavorful option, add in a few cherry tomatoes and any seasoning from Trader Joe’s (my personal favorites are Everything but the Bagel and Green Goddess).

Cauliflower/Kale Gnocchi and Veggie Burgers

Every time I make a Trader Joe’s run, I stockpile as much cauliflower and kale gnocchi into my cart as I can carry. These pasta substitutions are relatively healthy, microwaveable in three minutes, and very reasonably priced! Of course, they are a delicious addition to any meal. Typically, I like pairing it with a veggie burger and throwing in a little shredded cheese and any vegetables that might be lying around. This easy meal can be garnished with any sauce of your choice, so get creative with it!

Quinoa and Vegetable Medley with Chicken

This is another quick meal that won’t leave you feeling guilty for overindulging. Wherever you may go to the grocery shop, pick up a bag of frozen quinoa/vegetables, and you can either sauté them in a pan or microwave. Finally, pair it with chicken (which you can either buy premade from the store or pan-sear yourself) and sauce of choice.

Risotto and Turkey Meatballs

This Trader Joe’s find was one of my freshman-year-favorites, and so easy to make! All you need is a bag of the frozen mushroom risotto and turkey meatballs, then throw it in the microwave! This is a rich meal that will leave you feeling satisfied, and a speedy one to make when you’re just craving something delicious.

Egg Scramble with Beyond Meat and Vegetable Medley

For another breakfast item, this recipe is one that can be accomplished in 5 minutes. All you need to do is cook some eggs and beyond meat in a pan, and microwave or sauté some frozen vegetables—throw it all together and you’re done! If you also want to add some cheese to this recipe, the end result tastes like a hamburger casserole; this is a delicious way to start your day with a great balance of protein and vegetables.


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