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Self-care shouldn’t feel like a burden

By Alexandra Grieco

Self-care comes in many forms, whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual. It can sometimes be overwhelming to balance the multiple routines that make you feel your best. Influencers and users on social media bombard timelines with the latest self-care products or techniques, which mounts up to a lengthy list of steps you supposedly should take to attain peak wellness. However, taking care of your mind and body should not become a daunting task or a dreaded chore.

Here are some potential steps to take to help maintain all your self-care routines in an encouraging and manageable way.


Reflect on what aspect of self-care is vital to your day-to-day wellness. Does a set skin-care routine prepare you for the day? Does writing in a journal allow you to clear your mind? Does a well-balanced, nutritious meal supply you with energy? Does dedicating a chunk of time to meditation relieve your stress or anxiety? To discover which routines you value most, create a ranked list or pay attention to what act of self-care you never want to skip out on. From there, cut back on other routines that do not contribute to your general well-being.

Create a Schedule

Splitting up different routines might relieve the stress around self-maintenance. Dedicating a certain night to hair care might free up more time on another night to do a face mask or read a book. Once you have prioritized your self-care routines, dedicate a specific time to each one, whether that be on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Then, you can be fully present and dedicated to whichever self-care routine you choose to do. You can also schedule a consistent time to stop and focus on wellness. This can create a daily pattern where you can step away from a stressor and clear your head.

Do Not Overstress Yourself

At the end of the day, you should manage your wellness routines in a way that feels as stress-free as possible. Though it can feel intimidating to see people on social media who seem to have it all figured out, developing and maintaining self-care routines follows a different timeline for everyone. You are not obligated to be at your peak physical or mental state. So, keep self-kindness in mind if you begin to feel overwhelmed by certain wellness routines or practices.

Wellness should be a priority, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Take these easy steps to manage your self-care in a way that fits best into your life. Then, you can enjoy the many benefits of your wellness journey in a stress-free way.


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