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How to Online Thrift 

If you’ve exhausted all your in-person thrifting options this semester, maybe it’s time to give online thrifting a try! With these tips, you should be able to adequately navigate the world of digital thrifting and add some new affordable pieces to your wardrobe, all without the hassle of trekking to Allston.  

1. Know your price range

Before purchasing an item, find out the price of that item brand new, so you know you’re not getting up-charged. Setting a shopping spree price limit before clicking on a website is wise to do in general. Lastly, be aware of the shipping price! Sometimes the shipping price can make a substantial difference in your decision to purchase, so make a note of it!

2. Use that like button

To organize your potential buys, use the like feature to look back on your favorites easily. If there is no like button on a particular website, fill up your cart instead (try not to buy everything though)!

3. Utilize all your online tools

Use that filter option! Every website has a variety of tools to streamline your shopping experience, so use them. Filter through pieces that are your size, preferred color, etc. 

4. Communicate with the seller

If you’re unsure about an item, ask for measurements or more pictures from the seller. In my experience, most people are extremely willing to help. Also, don’t be afraid to try to bargain a price down, especially if that item has been sitting on a site for an extended amount of time or it’s clear the seller’s price is inflated. 

5. Take your time!! Search often

If you’re looking for a particular item that isn’t in stock, be patient and search for it frequently. More items are put online every day, so if you want something specific, stay consistent in your search. 

6. Utilize a tailor/dry cleaners

Sometimes, thrifted items may not fit perfectly or come in rough condition. Don’t just throw out your new outfit; paying for alterations or going to the dry cleaners isn’t as expensive as you might think!

7. Use reputable platforms and always be wary of individual sellers

It’s normal to be wary of buying preloved clothing online, but using reputable websites that many people trust should calm your nerves. Below, I’ve included a detailed list of sites for you to browse on your thrifting journey. Good luck!

highway robbery vintage

the vintage scene

ragz revenge


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