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Ice Rollers Are In

Ice rollers, the coolest new trend that may be taking over your FYP, are beneficial for keeping your skin smooth. By Anna Roberson

Most of us have heard of facial exercises, popularized by social media, or at least seen a jade roller before. But what about ice? It seems as if overnight, it became trendy to ice your face (literally and figuratively!). As an avid viewer of Vogue’s celebrity skincare routines, I already knew about, what is typically referred to as, ‘the cold spoon on the eyelids’ trick. Another interesting trick I’ve learned from this fad is icing your eyes the morning after crying from a sad movie. However, it turns out ice is good for the entire face.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, facial icing causes blood to rise to the skin’s surface. This helps to reduce puffiness by decreasing fluid retention. It also brightens your complexion, lessens under-eye bags, softens the appearance of pores, and constricts your blood vessels for a lifted, firmer look and feel.

Firstly, to jump in on this trend protect your skin and hands! Make sure to wrap an ice cube in a washcloth, and then apply gently to your face in similar movements to lymphatic drainage exercises. Aim for consistent movement around the cheeks, jawline, mouth, chin, nose, and forehead. By keeping the ice consistently flowing around your face, you prevent irritation from leaving the ice on one area of the skin for too long. Remember to apply a thick moisturizer after icing to prevent your skin from drying out!

Ice rollers have taken this wellness hack to the next level. Instead of holding an ice cube that eventually melts in your hand or cloth, this tool holds the ice for you. These rollers are shaped similarly to a razor, with a smooth icy edge in place of a blade. They range in price from$70, like the product available from The Skinny Confidential, to the $30 example from Skin Gym. Drugstore brands also carry the product, ranging from $5-$15.

Whether you’re looking for a natural pick-me-up on puffy mornings or just want to add a little more fun to your skincare routine, ice rolling is your best friend. I find that with skincare trends, it’s all about what works for you. If incorporating more steps in your routine sounds exhausting, skip it. But it can be a nice way to spend time on yourself.


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