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In Like a Lion, Out Like A Lamb

Styling the transition from winter to spring

By Ali Cook

Photo By Mia Anderson

In grade school, my teachers taught me that March comes “in like a lion and out like a lamb.” While the end of March does not always come with warm weather like the saying promises, there is truth in the fact that March weather is unpredictable.

Fashion-wise, the transition period from winter to spring is a difficult time. It could be 40 or 60 degrees on any given day, and that range is challenging to plan for, especially with the frigid wind tunnels scattered throughout BU. It’s too warm for your winter puffer but too cold for a spring short-sleeve. I'm always chilly when I first step outside but sweating by the time I reach my classroom.

Layers are the most predictable yet best approach to styling the transition from winter to spring. Luckily, there are many layered options that fit current fashion trends.

Cargo Pants + Baby Tees

Cargo pants have been a fashion hit throughout this fall and winter, a natural trend progression from the rise of straight-leg and wide-leg jeans (a development I am thankful for every single day).

You can pair cargo pants with a baby tee and sneakers for a cool look. Unique T-shirts are super easy and cheap to thrift. You can find any shirt in Goodwill — from a simple, basic one-color to a Brandy Melville-Esq band tee or a little boy’s superhero shirt.

It is super easy to throw on a sweater or crew neck over your baby tee, and almost any look 

good with cargos.

Skirts + Sweaters

You could also swing in the opposite direction from cargos and baby tees and try matching skirts and sweaters. Mini skirts have been trending lately, and they are perfect for switching it up from the jeans and pants you have been styling all winter. You can go for an Olivia Rodrigo-style black mini or plaid, preppy skirt. Those are easy to pair with fleece-lined, sheer black tights if it is cold out and long-sleeved black tops or off-the-shoulder sweaters.

Jean skirts are also easy to pair with any slouchy sweater for a transition look. You can layer baby tees underneath in case it is warmer than expected. I like to balance out the double slouch of the sweater and skirt with quarter socks and white sneakers, so it looks like a purposeful street-style look.

Overalls + Shortalls

Shortalls were one of my favorite summer 2023 trends, so I’m eager to break them out again for this season. Layering with overalls appeared in the fall of 2023, presumably because people were transitioning out of their summer looks.

Any simple short-sleeved or long-sleeve shirt works underneath overalls as a given. Since overalls come with a layered look in design, you can start with a short-sleeve underneath and keep adding layers on top. Both dainty and chunky cardigans look cute over overalls, paired with Converse. I recommend committing to the many-piece look by adding a headband or a bandana on top. 


Thrifting leather jackets has been a popular choice recently. Leather jackets are easy to bring along on a night out if you do not want to lose your style once the sun goes down. Simple black and brown leather jackets are the most common, but I have also seen red leather jackets styled really well.

A lightweight fleece jacket, like a Patagonia, is also a cozy, lightweight choice for the spring. Quarter zips, in general, make nice transition pieces, whether they are fleece-lined, regular cloth, or sweaters. They are easy to thrift in the men’s section of Goodwill and easy to throw on over any outfit.

I wish you luck navigating this difficult fashion time and look forward to seeing what the spring 2024 fashion season brings us. 


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