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Well-Loved Specialty Shops Within Walking Distance from BU

by Geneve Lau

Although cult-favorite shops like Urban Outfitters and Zara are a short stroll away from East Campus, there are also local stores right near Boston University that are just as interesting.

Previously located on Brighton Avenue in Allston and recently relocated to Coolidge Corner, Buffalo Exchange is thrifting heaven. A brief, foliage-filled walk through Brookline brings you to their new location, at 312 Harvard St. They are open every day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

In addition to requiring masks in-store, Buffalo Exchange also abides by COVID-19 protocols by utilizing a waiting list for their fitting rooms. Patrons are only allowed to bring five items in the fitting room at a time, and when items are returned to the employees, they are sanitized fully and have a holding period before they are released back onto the racks.

They carried a variety of Halloween costumes, so they can be expected to have all the on-trend winter gear you’ll need this season! From fun statement jackets to premium denim, Buffalo Exchange is the best place to shop ethically a hop and skip away from BU’s campus.

Trident is located right at the end of Newbury St., conveniently close to Kenmore Square. While they are well known for their cafe with delectable brunch plates, shopping through their two-story shop is an experience entirely of its own.

They are following COVID guidelines by limiting the number of customers in the store at a time. Upon arrival, you can check in with the person standing at the door, and after leaving, you give a place card to ensure that there is ample room to social distance inside the store.

Trident is also encouraging others to stay home with unique ideas like “blind date with yourself,” where you are able to purchase wrapped books (with hints sketched on the wrapping paper, of course!) that you won’t know the title of until you unwrap.

If you’re missing some human connection, you can actually book a personal consultation on their site. One of their expert employees will help you find the perfect read for either yourself or someone else. The best part of this is that they all take place virtually over Zoom, and deposits are waived for the holiday season. You can book yours here.

This Asian store chain has a location right near BU in Allston, and while they carry snacks, their primary attraction is their large selection of skincare and makeup. When social distancing calls for you to stay home more, make sure you’re taking care of your skin and avoiding the dreadful maskne.

Shibuyala carries all the top K-beauty skincare brands, like Hadalabo. Browse their online store first before heading in, so you know exactly what’s on your list!

While living in the city comes with its perks of multiple shopping malls and big name stores right at your fingertips, don’t forget that there are plenty of small businesses and specialty stores that are happy to have you in and need your support the most during this time!


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