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Reopened Pavement Coffeehouse Opens Arms to Local Talent

Students are invited to submit their artwork to be displayed on the café’s walls.

By Sammy Seabury

Photo By Ari Merline

Boston University students and faculty were thrilled that Commonwealth Avenue’s Pavement Coffeehouse finally reopened its doors on January 15 after closing for five months for renovations. Yet, despite improvements to the building, Pavement is still lacking in one crucial component: the bare walls.

To address this, BU’s Pavement location, one of eight in Boston and Cambridge, is currently accepting local artwork submissions to decorate the coffee shop. Additionally, the café’s art department has placed no deadline on submissions, allowing local Bostonians and students to submit their work at any time. 

“BU is the first one we’re looking for new work for because it’s newly renovated, and we wanted to keep it as homey-feeling as possible,” said Madison Arrichiello, Pavement’s Art Director. 

“I’m open to all mediums that can be displayed in a café setting,” said Arrichiello. “But we have sculptures, rug tufting, table art, and a lot more in the works for the future.”

Students are just as excited as Arrichiello for the new Pavement additions.

“Displaying student artwork reflects a mutual sense of pride and support between students and the team at Pavement,” said Daisy Liljegren (SAR ‘24). “What makes it special is that these pieces will be shown in a community that we all know and love.”

Terriers’ involvement in Pavement’s new look will foster creativity and show members of the BU community what their peers and colleagues are capable of, said Liljegren. 

“With a lot of college students and professors coming in and out daily, there’s going to be a lot of new eyes on the work,” said Arrichiello. 

By submitting artwork to Pavement, students have the opportunity to decorate this campus hotspot while also creating a special environment that is unique from the seven other Pavement locations. 

Artists may even gain something from the exposure. 

“Artists are encouraged to sell their pieces at each store,” said Arrichiello. “I think it’ll make [BU’s location] more of a collaborative space.”

With submissions considered on a rolling basis, it’s never too late to send in your own work. Share what you’re proud of and make the new-and-improved Pavement even more special. 

Submissions can be sent to


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