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REVIEW: Notion

In the same way that I stumble on most new things, I found the Notion website on TikTok. A user that I have since forgotten gave a quick tutorial of her personal Notion site and from there I began to research what exactly the seemingly complicated app was.

Notion is an app that is advertised as an all in one workspace. It can be downloaded on ios or android products or just used in your web browser. What first grabbed my attention about Notion was how customizable it is.

By using Notion you add can images, playlists, calendars, to-do lists, and a ton more to your workspace that is meant to keep you focused and organized. Some people who know the app well have created really great templates and posted them for others to use. There are pre created workspace templates for personal work, teams, students, startups, educators and so much more. With a desktop, mobile and web app, Notion is easier to access than ever.

The template that my personal notion uses was created by TikTok user @rijhaa and is called “neutral” for its beige toned aesthetic. The user also has a variety of different templates that they have made such as a sage themed one and pink.

You can create as many tabs or pages on notion as you want and each one can be for a different thing. For instance, I have a college tab where I have a little section for each of my classes and assignments for those classes. I also have a money tab where I keep track of my spending as well as tabs for watch lists or music recommendations.

I had so much fun making, organizing, and personalizing my Notion especially since I’ve never been a super meticulous person. Using Notion helps keep me on track of my busy life and its super aesthetically pleasing as well.

Although I made my Notion complex and intricate, you really don’t have to. The point of the app is to use it to best suit yourself. Whether you want to make a pretty and easily accessible to-do list, or you just want to keep track of how much coffee you drank and how much money you spent on it, Notion is your new best friend.

I have to admit though that I definitely used my Notion much more during the first few weeks that I got it then I do now, but that can be blamed on my inability to keep up with things.


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