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Exploring two alternative locations of the iconic Pizzeria Regina

By Amanda Healy

Pizzeria Regina is Boston's most notorious pizza chain, beloved by many. The original restaurant, located on Thatcher Street in the North End, has been around since 1926. It buzzes with energy, and, if you are lucky, you won't have to wait in a line too long. It has become so famous that there are now thirteen locations across Massachusetts. This poses a serious question for Regina lovers: are the spinoff locations as good as the original? We tried some locations to put it to the test.

The Original

Filled with photographs of celebrities that have indulged in their acclaimed pizza, the original Pizzeria Regina restaurant is smaller than one may expect, and if you are visiting during a busy time of day, you are almost guaranteed to wait in a line. Their menu only consists of pizza; there are no other options like other Italian restaurants. The atmosphere is lively, with pizza constantly flying out of the oven. If you have a good seat, you may get to see one of the workers making your slice. The warm thin slice, with gooey cheese and the perfect amount of char is some of the best pizza you will ever have. If you are visiting Boston, this location is a must. You can even go home with a souvenir cup when you order a fountain drink.

Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall is home to many stores, restaurants, and food vendors, including a Pizza Regina. The pizza is already made, and once you order a slice they put it in the oven to warm it; however, they only warm it for about thirty seconds. As a result, after the first couple of bites, the slice quickly gets cold. Compared to the original location, the crust was a bit thicker and there was a larger amount of cheese, but the sauce made it taste like an authentic Regina slice. Additionally, Faneuil Hall provides a fun atmosphere. It was surprising how similar the taste was, albeit mostly due to the sauce, but it didn't come close to tasting as delicious as in the North End.


Next to Fenway Park, another Pizza Regina location can be found right on Boylston Street. This location feels more like a restaurant, as you have the option to order for stay or to go. Similar to Faneuil Hall, you pick your slice, which is already made, and they warm it for you. The Fenway location warmed it for a longer period of time, and it came out incredibly hot and stayed that way. The crust and cheese was a bit thinner, but the sauce tasted the same. The Fenway location is the most similar to the original establishment in the North End, compared to Faneuil Hall, and if it's the only chance you can get to eat at Regina’s, you should definitely grab a slice. If you can't make it to the North End, your next best option is to visit the Fenway location. Overall, nothing beats the original, especially when Mike's Pastry is right down the street.


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