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Spots for Boston’s Bookworms

Where you can find your next amazing read.

By Grace Hawkins

Photo by Alex Neuman

It seems everyone is on GoodReads and “BookTok” as of late, looking to find the next book to add to their shelf. Here are some of Boston’s best bookstores to browse in and search for your next read.

Brookline Booksmith

Located in the lovely neighborhood of Coolidge Corner, Brookline Booksmith has been a staple of Boston’s literary community for over 60 years. Open since 1961, Brookline Booksmith has a wide selection of titles, ranging from children’s, science fiction, pop culture, and more. They also have a Used Book Cellar, where you can buy and sell older titles. Brookline Booksmith also has amazing gifts for friends and family. Even if you aren’t looking for anything in particular, Brookline Booksmith is an amazing place to stop by.

Trident Booksellers and Cafe

Trident has everything you could ask for: a fantastic location on Newbury Street, great options for reading, and even an in-store cafe. Trident’s cafe has an amazing menu, ranging from delicious breakfast to dinner. Additionally, Trident also has events ranging from trivia to open mics.

You could spend an entire day there, and not even realize it!

Beacon Hill Books and Cafe

One of the newest additions to Boston’s bookstore scene is Beacon Hill Books and Cafe. Located in possibly Boston’s most picturesque neighborhood of Beacon Hill, this bookstore is stunning on the inside and out. Beautifully decorated, the shop takes over the multiple stories of the brownstone it inhabits, with the lower levels holding a cafe. The store is littered with fireplaces, decor, and of course, books.

Posman Books

Also located on Newbury Street, Posman Books may be small in size but has an incredible selection. Posman holds many famous titles, including a table full of residence covers of classics like Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, and others. There also is an adorable children’s section and a great selection of gifts and games.

Boston has some of the best bookstores there is to offer, and hopefully you will choose to stop by some of these amazing shops and support local literary businesses.

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