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Spots Speaking For You

What do your after-class chilling spots say about you?

By: Ella Donovan

A photo of a BU dining hall.
Photo By: Amanda Hess

On a campus with countless locations for doing homework, eating food, passing time with friends, or even just enjoying some quality time with yourself, you may find yourself frequenting one spot more than others. Perhaps this spot holds a fond memory, or the atmosphere simply brings about a feeling of comfort. To delve deeper, whatever you appreciate about your preferred place might tell you more about yourself.

To gain a sense of what my peers thought about this idea, I decided to ask a few students what their favorite spot is on or near campus. Why did they like spending time there, and what did they think this meant about the type of person they are and their values?

“Fenway dining hall,” responded Tess Adams (COM ‘25). “It’s never crowded, I don’t worry about work, and everyone can connect [away] from work for even just an hour…I value when my friends and I can come together about what’s going on in our lives. There aren’t many places where I feel like you can do that.”

I asked two other students where they like to spend time outside of class, and they agreed that The Esplanade is their favorite location alongside campus.

“It’s a good view of the Boston skyline, and it’s a good way to see some greenery,” said Bridget Quinn (ENG ‘26). “While walking along the path, it feels like you’re out of the city.”

“As much as we both enjoy the luxuries that come with being at a school in the city, you wanna get out of the bustle of everything,” explained Alex McArver (CAS ‘26), Bridget’s roommate. “We sometimes like to wind down and quiet our minds.”

After hearing these responses, I found it both interesting and understandable that students’ favorite locations, either on or near campus, are completely non-academic settings. Wanting to distance yourself from the frenzy of hallways and classrooms may not be a sign of being introverted–it can sometimes mean just the opposite. Finding spaces where you can spend time with people you care about or simply enjoy the city’s sights is incredibly valuable. Taking the time to recharge can be the key to not only enjoying your company, but giving your day a new chance.


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