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Spring Activities in Boston

By Hannah Eaton

Photo by Pinterest

Spring has sprung in Boston and while the weather has yet to get the memo, it is never too early to start celebrating the idea of the return to spring. Many of us are dusting off our winter moods and trading in our heavy coats for lighter ones, so why not settle into new spring activities as well? I have collected a list of activities to do, alone or with others, this spring that can get us back in the swing of things by celebrating the beauty of Boston.

Rose Kennedy Greenway

The Greenway in the North End is home to local art, gardens and parks, and countless events, all with the mission to keep urban spaces in Boston green and sustainable. The Greenway Park is home to an iconic wildflower meadow, while the Carolyn Lynch Garden, a spot for relaxation and (for nearby honeybees) pollination, is a great space to connect with others. With flowers beginning their blooms in the coming months, it is only bound to become more pleasing. Make sure to ride the Greenway Carousel before you leave (tickets can be bought here).

Black Heritage Trail

For those interested in learning about the history of Boston, hop onto the Black Heritage Trail in Beacon Hill! As a National Park, this trail serves to educate residents and visitors alike about the Black community of Boston in the 19th century. This trail, which clocks in at about 1.6 miles, combines important education with sight-seeing on the cobblestone streets of the Hill, a worthwhile experience for those of us looking to learn more about Boston. For more information, visit the website.

Art in Bloom at the MFA (April 28-30)

The Museum of Fine Art is returning with its spring exhibition Art in Bloom this month. Art in Bloom has a 40-year history at the MFA and is well-known to Boston residents and art enthusiasts. The concept centers around matching MFA art pieces with corresponding flower arrangements, created by gardening clubs and designers in New England. For more information, visit the website.

Dark Spring Festival (May 6)

This unique festival is designed for those of us with a dark interpretation of springtime. Featuring post-punk, goth, and darkwave music, this festival has accumulated a loyal fanbase in the last few years. This festival supports local and up-and-coming bands as well as well-known bands in the goth scene. This show is for 18+ and will be held at The Middle East in Cambridge. Buy tickets here.

Lilac Sunday (May 14, 10 am-3 pm)

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University holds an annual event where the public can see the arboretum’s beautiful and vast collection of 400 flowering lilacs. You can sign up for a guided tour of the lilacs or explore it on your own. Perfect for picnicking among the flowers and meeting new people, this event is for everyone who wants to enjoy Boston’s florals. Kids are welcome. Register here.

Boston Calling (May 26-28)

The biggest music festival in Boston, Boston Calling will be lighting up the Harvard Athletic Complex in May, featuring headlining acts like The Foo Fighters, The Lumineers, Paramore, and more. With upwards of fifty performing groups, this event is not one to miss. This all-day festival will feature multiple stages, food from local and national vendors, and a 100-foot Ferris wheel. Tickets are on sale now and are already going fast, so make sure to secure your spot before they run out. For more information and tickets, visit the website.


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