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The Best Beauty Secrets

By Andrea Lauritsen

Everyone deserves the right to feel good in their own skin. This isn’t a new concept. Despite this, magazines, advertisements, and even various social media accounts still promote the opposite. These outlets enforce the unattainable beauty standard, and promote it as our responsibility to try and reach it. However, true beauty professionals including Gucci Westman, Mario Dedivanovic, and Pat McGrath completely disagree and in fact, say otherwise!

Gucci Westman, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Westman Atelier, believes that beauty lies in confidence. She publicly said, “I love connecting, woman to woman, and I always put her first.” As a makeup artist and entrepreneur, it is important to create a relationship, especially for Westman. By creating a relationship, she can foster a space that leaves her clients feeling confident. Essentially, confidence is beautiful!

Mario Dedivanovic, makeup artist for the Kardashian-Jenner clan and Masterclass instructor, says, “Step back and look at the full picture.” It is so easy to wrap our minds around the beauty trends and standards that are being pushed towards us. Naturally, a lot of these trends are unattainable for most people. We need to accept that reality. It is so easy to be fooled when all that is shown in the media is airbrushed and photoshopped photographs. What you see on a screen isn’t what actually exists. Putting this into perspective makes it easier to let go of these standards and find beauty within our own selves.

Lastly, Pat McGrath, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Pat McGrath Labs, believes beauty is found in our diversity from others. With that being her beauty ethos, all her models are unique and don’t just fit one category. She says, “It’s [beauty] about pushing boundaries. I believe absolutely, the world wants something different, people want back their individuality.” So, the secret to beauty according to McGrath is the diversity of the individual (which is found in all of us!).

While it is easy to get sucked into the media’s version of “beauty,” it is important to understand that everyone is beautiful, and everyone deserves the right to feel that way about themselves. The beauty professionals agree too!

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