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The Best Salad in Boston

A local and affordable guide.

By Sophia Falbo

Photo by Pexels

You can never go wrong with a salad.

In the mood for something light, yet refreshing? Have a salad. Trying to lose some weight, while still fitting in a ton of veggies and protein in your diet? Have a salad. Need to make something quick during your short work-from-home lunch break? Have a salad. Feel like mixing random ingredients together in a bowl with a little oil? Have a salad.

I truly believe that there is a “perfect salad” out there for everyone, no matter how picky or adventurous of an eater they are!

Salads are a dinnertime staple in many households. They are one of the only side dishes that can truly be customized with different bases, toppings, meats, and dressings. Different countries have certain distinct salads - such as Greece’s Mediterranean Salad and Italy’s Caprese Salad - that make each culture unique.

Boston, on the other hand, has some MUST TRY on-the-go (or sit down) salad spots that will not only make your taste buds hungry for more, but keep your wallet happy!


While not exclusive to Boston, Sweetgreen is the best place to take a group of people who are unsure what kind of salad they’re in the mood for. Their salad bar offers a wide variety of options, from arugula and quinoa, to spicy broccoli and goat cheese. If you’re someone who doesn’t love a traditional lettuce salad, you are in luck, because Sweetgreen offers wild rice, lentil, and quinoa options. And, if you’re someone who gets easily overwhelmed with all the options or is just too lazy to build your own salad/bowl, Sweetgreen has a menu with many incredible options to choose from. Their kale Caesar salad and harvest bowl are some fan favorites! They also have a selection of seasonal items that appear on the menu for a limited time, in addition to “online exclusive” options for people who download their app.

One of the best parts about Sweetgreen is their affordable prices. Adding in some blackened chicken and cheese may cost you an additional few dollars, but for the very reasonable portion sizes (and free bread), it’s totally worth it! Throw in a Rice Krispy Treat at the end, and you have a meal and a snack after.

Greens & Grains:

Hail to the George Sherman Union gods for Greens & Grains! While there are so many options at the GSU, Greens & Grains salad bar with weekly menus makes for one of the best spots on campus to enjoy a salad. Their new rice-based bowl menu items have been a great addition for when you’re feeling a little extra hungry or want to ditch lettuce. Greens & Grains can certainly get on the pricey side if you add protein and sides, but on its own, the salad is a pretty reasonable price. It also makes for one of the lighter and healthier options that the GSU has to offer. When you don’t know what you’re in the mood for at the GSU, Greens & Grains is always a safe and delicious bet!

Joe’s on Newbury:

While it’s on the pricier side, if you ever feel like indulging in a delicious salad (with a side of french fries, of course) Joe’s on Newbury is a great spot to hit! If you feel like trying something new (and a bit fancier), their crispy chicken or seared tuna salads are a must. However, you can never go wrong with their classic Caesar or cobb salads.

Aside from their delicious salads, Joe’s is located in a prime location on Newbury Street, with amazing treats to the left and right of the restaurant. A Levain’s cookie or J. P. Licks scoop of ice cream is the perfect way to end a meal with something sweet before hopping on the T and heading back to campus!


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