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“The Christmas Countdown Has Begun”

By: Sophia Falbo

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, is it too early to put up our Christmas trees? Or has your Christmas tree been up since after Halloween? No judgement, all the peppermint mochas and candy canes to you! As time progresses, it seems as though there are more Christmas lovers each year, who believe that it’s never too soon to start watching Christmas movies or making gingerbread cookies. Especially considering the past two years that we’ve collectively experienced since the onset of the coronavirus, which prevented many people from being able to gather with their families for the holidays, it’s no wonder why people are beginning to celebrate Christmas, and the holiday season in general, so early this year! Now that we can finally safely be around our families, we have to try and celebrate twice as much to make up for lost time.

Growing up, Christmas time was always the most exciting time of year: anxiously waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus with all the toys and gifts you wrote down on your list. But with that comes the slight fear that you were put on the “naughty list,” and you wake up to a sack full of coal on Christmas morning. So, some feel that there is no harm in starting the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” a little bit earlier, even as early as November 1st. Starbucks, for example, released their holiday drinks and Christmas cups on November 7th to get people excited early for the holiday season. On the other hand, there’s people who believe that Christmas should not be celebrated until December, once Thanksgiving is over. Considering Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday of the entire year in the United States, as everyone celebrates it regardless of their race or religion, many feel that Thanksgiving should be recognized more and not overlooked. The whole premise of Thanksgiving is to be grateful and appreciative of the people and life around you—so how is it fair that so many people choose to disregard Thanksgiving? And for what, the stress that Christmas actually brings on? After all, Christmas can be extremely nerve wracking—between the gift-getting, holiday parties, and overall expense of the holiday. Coronavirus has taken those stress factors to another level as people now have to be concerned about who they are hanging out with and who they have been exposed to. Luckily, more and more people are getting access to the coronavirus vaccine, and even booster shots, so the likelihood of covid spreading around your Christmas tree this year is decreasing. However, the fear of spreading this dangerous illness to loved ones is definitely still there and one that we need to be conscious of when we are making plans during our free time and breaks.

Between the Christmas music, beautiful decorations, and festive attire, it’s so fun to celebrate Christmas! Even more than that, one of the most magical parts of the holiday season is seeing your neighborhood “dress up” with lights and Christmas trees. Aside from the cold weather that accompanies the holiday season, we are so fortunate to be going to school in a city like Boston where pretty soon every inch of the streets will be covered in preparation for holiday festivities. Something all of us students, and teachers, are definitely looking forward to is a well-deserved break from classes, homework, and exams. Using the couple days we get off for Thanksgiving to rest and do some self-care is the perfect way to recharge and get yourself ready to finish off the semester with a high note. Hopefully if you’re celebrating the holidays this year—whether that be Thanksgiving, Christmas, or both—you are surrounded by good company and good food!


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