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Your Ultimate Guide to Matcha in Boston

Five favorite spots near BU to enjoy the perfect matcha pick-me-up

By Charley Schwartz

Graphic By Florence Wang

As a devoted matcha enthusiast always on the hunt for the best matcha latte, I’ve rounded up some gems around Boston, particularly near the BU campus. With many options to choose from, I’ve narrowed down my top five spots where you can enjoy the perfect matcha pick-me-up.


Tatte is already a known staple among many BU students; however, I believe the star of their drink menu is their iced matcha latte. It’s not too sweet and has a strong matcha taste, so I recommend theirs if you enjoy the taste of green tea.

Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle’s matcha latte is on the sweeter side and usually has a greater ratio of milk to tea. Regardless, it’s still one of my favorites, and I prefer ordering it as a hot latte on a chilly day in Boston. Their minimalist, modern cafe is a great place to get some work done while sipping on a frothy matcha latte.


Greystone offers a sweeter take on traditional matcha lattes. Their pre-sweetened matcha powder has a more creamy, milk-forward flavor rather than a strong matcha taste. The cafe has a great vibe, but seats are limited, so I recommend taking your matcha on the go while you shop on Newbury Street or walk around Beacon Hill.

Life Alive

Life Alive’s matcha latte has a unique taste compared to other local cafes. They use unsweetened oat milk in their lattes, which slightly overpowers the tea but still gives it a great flavor. I also prefer this one hot because the frothed milk pairs really well with their premium-grade matcha powder.

Blank Street

With Blank Street’s cafes rapidly opening in major cities, their matcha has become a new favorite of mine. Their iced matcha lattes are refreshing and have just the right milk-to-tea ratio. Their hot matcha latte also strikes the perfect balance between creamy milk and mildly sweet matcha. Whether you prefer it hot or cold, their compact stores make it easy to grab your latte on the go and explore the surrounding area.

Whether you’re seeking a traditional matcha latte or one with a twist, these five cafes near BU offer a variety of options that will definitely satisfy your matcha cravings.


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