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Get Toasty

by Elisha Machado

Photography by Elisha Machado

Breaking news for all of you Starbucks fanatics. The Pumpkin Spice Latte will have to step aside this fall as Starbucks releases it’s new seasonal beverage—the Toasted Graham Latte. After waiting four years to release a new fall flavor, Starbucks finally found that the time was right to announce this long awaited flavor today.

This drink is far from basic. It blends together classic espresso with steamed milk and a swirl of their new toasted marshmallow syrup. The piping hot mixture is then topped off with whipped cream and a cinnamon graham crumble. It’s so new that only few baristas are skilled enough to know how to craft this concoction.

At first sip, you will be taken back to those cool summer nights of childhood, roasting marshmallows around the fire. The charcoaled flavor of the espresso, combined with the sweet hints of the toasted graham syrup creates a match made in latte heaven.

For the perfect s’mores experience try pairing the Toasted Graham Latte with the Salted Caramel Square with Pecans. The square completes the toasty feel will warm notes of chocolate.

Aside from the new fall cup release everyone was Instagramming, this is the biggest Starbucks release of the season yet. Starbucks addicts will no longer be screaming PSL at the drive thru windows, because TGL is in town.

“I think PSL is so overrated”, said Hannah Kwak (SHA ’18). “They make pumpkin spice latte candles now. It’s ridiculous.”

Pauline Reck (CAS ’19) is from Puerto Rico, where there aren’t many Starbucks. Reck gets her latte fix when she comes to the US and is excited about the new beverage.

“It’s great that they are releasing another flavor after four years,” said Reck. “It’s a pretty big deal for Starbucks lovers.”

But will the initial hype of the TGL be enough to take down the popularity of the PSL?

“PSL has been around for years and it’s still trending,” said Kwak. “PSL will always top any new Starbucks creation.”

With the TGL’s recent release, the hype is still on the rise and could go anywhere, but Pauline sees promise for the new flavor in this season’s lineup.

“It does fall into the theme of fall so I think it’ll be a good addition,” said Reck. “People will just have to try them and see which one they like better.”

If the hype isn’t already enough, this drink will have you making any excuse to get out of class or leave work early to get a sip of this toasted dream come to life.

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