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The Buzz is Boston University's official lifestyle magazine, founded in 2009 by Allie Vasilakis (COM '11) and Marisa Morrison (COM '11) with the goal of establishing an on-campus magazine that all students could be part of. The Buzz debuted with its premiere print issue in Fall 2009 and followed with a second issue in Spring 2010, deemed "The Travel Issue."


Since our founding, The Buzz has expanded its content online to include various forms of multimedia. Our team produces a bi-annual printed magazine and year-round online content for each of our nine sections: campus, city, culture, fashion, food, music, opinions, wellness and travel.


The Buzz is more than a magazine; it's a vehicle that embodies Boston University's population by showcasing work that is completely student produced and student run. Our staff is comprised of dedicated, innovative individuals—the next generation of industry-level professionals—many of whom double as editorial interns, graphic designers, public relations specialists and freelance photographers.


Boston University is populated by a wide array of students with many talents; at The Buzz, we hope to foster those talents and help students ignite their careers with experience at a professional-grade magazine. Our goal is to give students a voice through our publication and to occupy a relevant, relatable space within the journalism industry.


In recent years, our editorial staff has made waves through a variety of decisions and changes, asserting The Buzz's role as both an ever-evolving and progressive publication. In the spring of 2016, we adopted a zero-tolerance policy in regards to photoshopping the appearance of our models. The online Opinions Section was added in the spring of 2017 in order to highlight diverse perspectives and encourage discourse in a volatile political climate. The staff at The Buzz continues to push boundaries in both creative and editorial realms.


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