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Fall In Boston

by Danielle Bozzone

photography by Michaela Johnston

When the weather makes its dramatic shift from the sweltering heat and oppressive humidity to blustery winds and nipping chill, it is finally fall in Boston. The city becomes, however briefly, so a perfectly and quintessentially fall postcard. While the chill in the air makes staying indoors under blankets with a warm beverage more enticing than ever, there is no shortage of autumn adventures to be had out and about. Here are just a few of Boston’s seasonal gems.

Soak in the Scenery

There is a reason New England in the Fall has come to symbolize the seasonal ideal: it is incredibly beautiful. When the leaves begin to change color, the city transforms into a children’s book illustration or a scene from Gilmore Girls. Some of the most picturesque spots, such as the Esplanade and the residential areas of Commonwealth Avenue, are less than a 10-minute walk from campus. If nothing else, the foliage makes for a great excuse to get some friends together, pack up a picnic lunch and snap some Instagram-worthy pictures.

Take a Day Trip

If you are willing to take a bit of a trip, the Arnold Arboretum is accessible via the Orange Line and offers over 200 acres of plant life that ranges from compact bonsai displays to sprawling meadows.

There's an information station that shows hiking trails and you can hike up a hill to see the view,” said Marsha Kubyshko (CAS ’17) There [are] also a lot of areas with nice grass around the flowers where you can bring a picnic or throw around a Frisbee if you so desire. I would recommend going when the trees are turning colors so you can really experience the New England fall.”

You don’t need to leave Massachusetts to find something extraordinary. The infamous town of Salem is only a short train or ferry ride away from downtown Boston. Home to a month long festival called Haunted Happenings that runs for all of October, Salem fully embraces its witchy past and has cultivated a unique local culture. Get your Sanderson on and learn some of the local history.

“When I went they had a fair and everyone was dressed up as witches or colonial townspeople,” said Veronica Russell (CAS ’17). “It was so fun because they were all so into it and you would just see a whole family dressed in colonial attire go by, and it would feel like you were there in the late 17th century.”

Shop and Cook Locally

Nature has even more than some stunning #NoFilter foliage snaps to offer in the fall. From Spring through late October to early November, farmer’s markets can be found throughout Boston. However, in the Fall, seasonal pre-prepared foods that we have all come to know and love begin appearing amongst the abundant produce. From sparkling apple cider to pumpkin spiced everything, the markets sell anything a fall foodie could dream of.

Copley Square is home to a farmers market every Tuesday and Friday, while SoWa hosts an open market with arts crafts stalls and food trucks in addition to more traditional farmers market fare every Sunday. However, if you are looking for something less scheduled and weather dependent, the Boston Public Market is an indoor farmer’s market that is open 12 hours a day year round.

Although sometimes you may spend slightly more shopping at a farmers market, you earn emotional karma. “I love farmers markets so much because they feel more honest,” said Katie DeMouth (CAS ’17). “I also know that I can feel less guilty about what I'm buying and therefore funding because I do believe that those farmers treat their animals and the environment better.”

“I know it is a cliché, but there definitely is a real charm to walking through the crisp clean air and sampling locally grown apples and locally cultured cheeses,” said DeMouth.

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