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Downtime On Campus

by Ariana Quihuiz

Photography by Callie Ahlgrim

If you live far from campus or don’t have enough time to relax in your own room, then you probably get stuck wandering around campus with no idea of what to do before your next class. When you plan your classes you probably don’t think about the down time you might have in between them. Although down time isn’t a bad thing; it gives you time to relax your brain. Boston University has cool spots to hang out in between classes whether you’re trying to get ahead on some homework, relax a little before your next class or enjoy a midday snack. Here are some of the best spots on campus to get a little rest and relaxation.

BU Beach

Located behind Marsh Chapel, the BU Beach provides a beautiful view of the Charles River. When there is good weather it is one of the best spots to relax. Students often come out to throw Frisbee or pass a ball around. Although many students use blankets to lie underneath the trees, there are a few benches if you don’t like sitting on the ground.

BU Central

Usually reserved for nightlife on campus, BU Central, located in the basement of the George Sherman Union, houses comedy shows and concerts. However, during the day it is an underrated spot on campus because students forget that it’s there. BU Central is supplied with numerous tables and chairs to use for studying or other activities. If you don’t like the busy environment of the GSU, then BU Central would be a good alternative for a hang out spot in between class.

George Sherman Union (GSU)

If you like a loud or busy environment, then the GSU is a good spot for you. Since it doubles as a study place and a food court you have tons of options for a meal or a snack in between classes.

Communication Lawn (COM Lawn)

If you don’t have time to go to BU Beach, the COM Lawn, located in front of the College of Communication, is a great alternative. Although it doesn’t have a view of the Charles River, it is conveniently located in the middle of campus. Similar to the BU Beach, the lawn has trees and benches to rest on so you can still enjoy some fresh air before class.

Lawn Outside of the Kenmore Classroom Building (KCB)

Conveniently located on Commonwealth Avenue and next to 100 Bay State Road, the lawn outside of the KCB is a great way to get some fresh air if you are on the far end of campus. Although not as big as BU Beach or Comm. Lawn, you can sit underneath the trees or on a bench during your break. As a bonus, you are a few steps away from a dining hall if you get hungry. The only drawback is that it is near Kenmore Square, so there may be a lot of noise due to the constant traffic on Commonwealth Avenue.

Pavement Coffeehouse

If you are tired of Starbucks, then head to Pavement Coffeehouse, which is located across from the College of Arts and Sciences. The quaint, vintage vibe makes it a nice quiet place to relax and serves excellent coffee and sandwiches. Sometimes it can get busy so if you choose to go here, it’s probably best to go before or after the lunch hour rush. However, it does provide a warm haven from any bad weather.


Located in the basement of 100 Bay State Rd., Rize is another under-appreciated spot that offers multiple tables where you can sit and do work. If you happen to get hungry while studying, they sell a variation of foods. It’s usually pretty quiet down there as many students often opt to eat in the dining hall upstairs.

The Esplanade

The Esplanade, located across from the BU Beach, is a mini escape from the bustle of campus. If you have enough time in between classes, the Esplanade has a striking view of the Charles River and Cambridge. You can sit under a tree to relax or take a walk along the river, which stretches for miles.

If you are stuck with no place to go before your next class, try out these locations for great study and relaxation spots.

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