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Boston University Goes PINK

by Ariana Quihuiz

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Ambassador programs for clothing and other products have begun to accumulate at colleges across the country, including Boston University. Our campus has student ambassadors for Sperry, UNICEF, Express and one of the most popular brands, Victoria Secret PINK.

You’ve probably encountered some of the Victoria Secret Pink ambassadors on campus, either at one of their promotional events or at another school event. Victoria Secret PINK has a specific representative program that is implemented in 100 schools in both the United States and Canada. Every school that partners with PINK has two campus reps that manage a group of ten people to promote the brand on campus.

BU’s two campus representatives are Sydney Narvaez (COM ’19) and Tara Tempesta (SHA ’18). After making it through a selective application process, Narvaez and Tempesta traveled to Columbus, Ohio for a crash course at the PINK headquarters on how to be a campus representative and to learn more about the brand itself.

Being a rep for PINK might sound like an easy job, but it requires running social media accounts across all platforms, hosting events like “Terriers Take Yoga” and “Wear Bra Everywhere Party” to promote new items, partnering with student groups on campus.

All of this work allows reps to immerse themselves in the working world and gain experience outside of the classroom. Real mastery of your field comes from hands-on experience, no matter how much time you spend in the classroom.

“One advantage of being a part of this ambassador program is gaining exposure to the corporate world of VS PINK,” said Narvaez. “We are able to gain some insight on what their job responsibilities are.”

Narvaez has learned valuable PR skills when partnering with other student groups on campus as a PINK ambassador. The brand’s popularity makes the position even more coveted, as students want to gain insight on new products. The program also creates a bond between students’ love of the brand and their passion for communication and marketing.

According to Tempesta, being a campus rep has made her “feel closer to other students on campus, who share the same level of excitement for PINK that I do.”

Companies experience growth thanks to brand ambassadors, as students are able to create a personal tie between the college demographic and the brand.

“What better way to influence college students than having real college students as on-campus representatives and influencers?” said Narvaez.

Our school colors might be scarlet and white, but if you want to add a little PINK to campus as a brand ambassador and get a sneak peek at new products, you can apply to be a rep starting in Spring 2017 at or join the campus team next Fall.

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