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by Niti M. Patel

Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Instagram is one of the biggest and best social media platforms for showcasing beautiful pictures and videos. It has become the go-to way to connect with people and stay up-to-date on pop culture. The app's highly visual platform provides exposure for many up-and-coming artists—a priceless commodity these days. Many artists have used this to their advantage by using Instagram as a tool to share their art with the world, broaden their businesses and ensure work opportunities.

Here's a count-down some of my favorite artists that you should follow today:

10. @mjlindo

MJ Lindo, an artist from the Bay Area, primarily uses oil paint on wood for her artwork. Her personal style staple is a dewy, highlighted complexion on portraits. From there she creates a variety of abstract and realistic images.


Johnforth Greco Buzon is a self-taught artist who creates beautiful Disney princess fan art through digital media. In addition to Disney-inspired work, he makes a variety of colorful prints, including this gorgeous take on Emma Stone’s Oscar red carpet look, and is open to taking commissions. His vibrant collection of work is not only visually stunning, but is sure to make you reminisce about the nostalgic magic of Disney princesses.

8. @jennifertaylorart

Jennifer Taylor creates charming watercolor prints of landscape. She claims herself to be a “painter of imaginary worlds”, and it is fitting. Her bright and enchanting work draws you into surreally beautiful worlds. Her artwork is available for sale on her personal website.

7. @fetching_tigerss

Annegien Schilling, a 17-year-old artist from the Netherlands, edits amazing photos that seem to express feelings and concepts words cannot convey. Her creativity is communicated through her unique style and vision of the world.

6. @izabell_art

Izabell, an artist and self-proclaimed dreamer, creates romantic paintings that focus on love and life. She often includes the silhouettes of men and women in her work that are then colored in or surrounded by nature and space. Her work is indeed dream-like and is sure to inspire whimsical feelings that will brighten your day.

5. @tasia.m.s

Tasia brings back our favorite movie and TV show characters, but gives them a modern revamp with her amazing artwork. She recreates these characters with her unique style and gives them a bit of a fashion upgrade. Not only is this super creative, but is sure to bring about a pinch of nostalgic delight for super fans.

4. @eris_tran

Eris Tran is a fashion illustrator who draws gorgeous dress concepts. He creates everything from fairy tale dresses to chic, couture gowns. He makes you wish these dresses were real and up for sale, just so you can add them to your personal collection.

3. @cassandracalin

Cassandra’s Instagram feed consists of cute, relatable comics and gorgeous sketches. Her personal style resonates within her work and although the majority of her pictures are in black and white, the mood and message of her artwork is bright and clear. Seeing one of her little comics while scrolling through your feed is sure to put a little grin on your face!

2. @illumistica

Nisha uses an online painting program to illustrate her intricate design pieces. She has a great collection of work, from intricate portraits of women to beautiful body and feature portraits. Her graphic design skills are impeccable and, if you’re interested, she even shows her work process on YouTube.

1. @colour_me_creative

Kristina Webb is a 21-year-old artist from New Zealand who has made a career by posting her art to Instagram. She has authored two books and continues to use social media to further her art exposure, gain endorsements and build her business. Her versatile body of work ranges from sketches, colored prints and crafts. She often uses nature for inspiration, especially when she draws women. Highlights of her work include dresses made from non-traditional objects like flower petals.

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