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Compare And Contrast

by Falaknaz Chranya

Photography by Ashley Griffin

Maybelline ClumpCrusher or the Revlon Mascara Collection? Liquid foundation or powder? ––when it comes to makeup, decisions are never easy. Whether you’re a Sephora groupie, or loyal to your go-to drugstore brands, makeup options are nearly endless. Every makeup fanatic understands the difficulty of debating between brands for hours on end (trust me, the struggle is very real). With an unlimited array of brands, styles and hues, picking the perfect look for you can be frustrating, which is why I’ve decided to compare and contrast two of my favorite liquid lipstick brands: Colourpop and Huda.

Recently, makeup bloggers and writers everywhere have been obsessing over Colourpop and Huda’s liquid lipsticks. While every girl deserves to have a go-to, easy-swipe lippie on hand at all times, choosing the right lip-look for you is a challenge––especially when you don’t have all the facts. Hopefully, my breakdown of these two hot liquid lip products can help ease your decision-making process, and help you land a lip-look that you love!


One of my favorite brands for many reasons, Colourpop never fails to disappoint a girl who loves a good statement, matte lip-look. Known for their really bold, pigmented colors, Colourpop also gets the W for giving their customers a bang for their buck. Sold at Target and online, the Colourpop liquid lipstick prices in at around $6.50 each––sometimes less when on sale! With such cheap prices, this brand is great for testing out new colors and experimenting with various styles, such as the ultra-matte lip.

The ultra-matte lip is extremely dry, which can be a positive for someone searching for a long-lasting, hard-to-budge lip. One common complaint about this lip style, however, is that it tends to be too dry to the point that it dries out your lips.

Luckily, for those of you who can’t resist a good matte-lip look, there are some easy tips to keep your lips moisturized. For instance, blotting chapstick on your lips 15 minutes before applying the ultra-matte lip is an easy way to prevent dry lips. An alternative trick is to use Colourpop’s moisturizing lip-primer, which serves as a barrier between your lips and the matte-liquid base.

For those of you who prefer comfort over durability, Colourpop also sells an Ultra Satin Lip line. With a bit more gloss and shine, this product is another great option for a bold and popping lip. It is important to note, however, that this product is not meant to be a stay-all-day option; rather, it is likely that you will find yourself reapplying throughout the day. So, keep your gloss on hand at all times!


Pricing in at about $20, this liquid lipstick is worth the extra cash. While it is much more expensive than the Colourpop brand, it is well within the average price of other high-end, liquid lipstick brands such as Stila, Kat Von D and Anastasia.

This liquid lip product is high quality with a smooth and light texture, and a finish somewhere between glossy and matte. While there is not as much room for color experimentation––the colors tend to fall more in the nude range––there is still a wide selection of bold colors to choose from.

The nude shades available, however, provide incredibly sophisticated looks. While bright, bold colors may be perfect for a day at the beach or a night out, popping lip-looks are definitely more event and skin-tone specific. Huda’s neutral lip shades are universal––they can be worn day and night and look good on pretty much every skin tone.

They also don’t dry your lips out at all––in fact, you barely even feel it on throughout the day! While you may occasionally re-apply, this product is meant to be long-lasting. In fact, for those times I’m too lazy to take my makeup off at night, this lip product has lasted until the next day!

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