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Springing Into A New Season

by Marianne Farrell

Photography by Angela Wang

All over the country, people teem with excitement when spring rolls around. No longer do people dread leaving their warm, comfy beds in the morning to be attacked with icy winds and strange combinations of rain, sleet and snow. When spring arrives, we are all finally able to break out our cute wardrobes, stay out later and enjoy life more. In Boston, it might take a little longer than people would like for the weather to cooperate, but the start of spring marks the start of fun new activities and events all over the area.

“Spring and the warmer weather and sunshine coming motivate me to get out more and be more productive,” said Sarah Cristine Burrola (COM ’20). “It’s way better for my mental health and so I like to spend more time outside, walk around the city, dress up to go out more and be a genuinely happier person.”

For people like Sarah, who have come from warm and sunny parts of the world to the brutal weather of Boston, winter has been hard. Spring is a beacon of light at the end of a seemingly endless hallway. It is about starting anew. For many people, resolutions are not made on New Year’s Eve, but instead at the start of spring and the summer. As nature grows and rejuvenates, so do many other people.

“I like being able to dress cute and wear sundresses,” said Kristin Lunt (COM ’20). “Winter is so depressing and cold, but springtime is all about new beginnings and feeling happy!”

Now that the chance for a brand new start has finally come around, Boston has many great events and places to go to. Each person has their own set of things they like to do, with all of them containing personal memories that definitely shaped their experiences at Boston University.

Allie Micelli (CAS ’18) describes one of her favorite things to do in the springtime in Boston and how easy it is for students to participate in.

“Baseball games!!” said Micelli. “You can get student deals sometimes and also they have tickets that are standing room only but only cost like $20!”

Going to watch the Red Sox battle it out with the Yankees or the Cubs, which they will be doing at Fenway this spring, is a great way to make some fun memories with friends before school lets out.

“You can go to the Lawn on D, take ferry rides to the Boston Harbor islands and walk along Castle Island,” said Caitlynne McGaff (CAS ’17). “At Jamaica Pond and the Boston Harbor Sailing Club you can rent sailboats.”

Other Massachusetts residents have built up an arsenal of fun things to do in the spring, and ones that are all, once again, super convenient and easy for busy college students to do.

“The Big Apple Circus, kayaking on the Charles, flower and garden show, Boston Public Garden, SOWA market and swan boats!” said Julielle Khan (CAS ’19). “I’ve always lived outside of Boston and these are some of the things I do almost every year when it starts to get warm out in spring.”

For those avid concertgoers at BU, there are many awesome artists coming to the Boston area in the spring. A few include Hall and Oates, Clean Bandit, Bowling for Soup, 21 Savage and Big Sean. The massively popular Boston Calling festival is happening soon, and even though it happens after BU gets off from school, the lineup may be worth delaying the trip home for a bit. Other events around Boston include Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s, the Spring Food Truck Festival and for those 21 plus, a Game of Thrones and ’90s themed bar crawl.

These events and the plenty of other ones going on in the last month of school are great ways to leave one semester behind with a bang. So go out and experience all that Boston has to offer during the best season of the year.

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