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The Perfect Road Trip

by The Music Team

Graphic by Samantha West

“Miracle Mile” by Cold War Kids

Upbeat and liberating, this hit by Cold War Kids is an anthem dedicated to facing the unknown. It instantly relates to those listening as lead singer Nathan Willett sings about hitting low points in life, but also of letting go of negativity and carrying on. This song is perfect for those long trips on the road where all you want to do is roll the windows down and forget about your worries. – Karissa Perry

“Fill the Lens” by Maniac

On your next beach road trip, gather your friends around the campfire and get ready to belt out this acoustic jam. With its gang vocals and jingly tambourine, “Fill the Lens” is the perfect sing-a-long song. You can't get any more good summer vibes than this song with all your friends, smiles like this will never end.” – Claire Tran

“Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina & The Waves

This song could put anyone in a happy mood with its uplifting and fun beat. How can you not just get on the street and start dancing of happiness when the bright sun is shining on your face? – Nicole Hymowitz

“Blue Sky” by The Allman Brothers

Ah, The Allman Brothers, the quintessential road trip band. Everyone knows that nothing pairs better with winding roads and cross-country crusin' than a blue sky and a plucky guitar. Good thing this song has both, and with lyrics like “you're my blue sky / you're my sunny day,” this jam will have you feeling as happy as can be as you make your way through field and forest. –Sarah Cristine Burrola

“Jamie All Over” by Mayday Parade

It's almost summer, which means it's time to get out of your small town and drive down the West Coast. Mayday Parade has you covered with this classic emo jam. Sing along in your khaki shorts with the windows rolled down. –Cole Schoneman

“Ride Wit Me” by Nelly, city Spud, Country Grammar

The perfect playlist for the perfect road trip would be weak without good throwbacks. “Ride Wit Me” being one of them, it must not be forgotten as one of those oldies that you just can't sit still to. Extra points for the passenger that knows all the words. –Georgia Kostinis

“Mr. Vacation” by Luke Henry & Rabbitfoot Stick your hand out of the window, let the wind rush in the spaces between your fingers as you bob your head ecstatically to the possibility of adventure that this song elicits. Fresh island instrumentals make you feel as though you’re already at your destination, even if you’re still stuck in the car. In the end, you won’t be sure if you’re nauseous from the bumpy car ride or the incessant bobbing you’ve engaged in during this zesty tune. –Rhoda Yun

“Anna Sun” by WALK THE MOON

A classic. “Anna Sun” fills the mold for the perfect car song. Both emotional and empowering, WALK THE MOON created an absolute banger. It encapsulates exactly what it feels like to be young, with no money but a whole lot of heart. This tune is an absolute essential for the perfect road trip playlist. –Taleen Simonian

“American Girl” by Tom Petty

Tom Petty makes the kind of rock music that you really need to be driving to fully appreciate, and that's because hearing “American Girl” while speeding down the interstate makes you feel like a rock star, looking for love and driving on into the future away from heartbreak. If that's something you have ever aspired to then look no further, because you can't beat “American Girl.” –Paul Stokes

“Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?” by San Cisco

San Cisco is my ultimate summer jam band, and this newly released single is no exception. Rhythmic yet beachy, the tambourine and lackadaisical guitar practically feel like a warm breeze and mid-day rays. On the shorter side, this song is good for a trip to the grocery store or some summertime state hopping. –Emma Parkinson

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