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by Meredith Wilshere

Photograph courtesy of Kickstarter

As travel becomes more and more accessible, people are thinking of new ways to improve the experience. Many unique travel ideas are found on Kickstarter—an American crowdfunding platform focused on creativity—and are looking for funding. Over 10 million individuals across the globe have backed a Kickstarter project and allowed these projects to come to life. Here are a few current “kickstarters” that won’t be active for much longer.

For the Packer:

Traveling is hard enough without having to worry about the added stress of packing multiple bags. That’s where Johore’s The Everywhere Travel Bag comes in. It is six bags combined into one: a small zippered clutch, a fanny pack, a backpack, a laptop bag, a duffle bag and the bag itself. The campaign includes different options for different payment levels, which also include opportunities to buy the duffel, the biz bag and the backpack. The Everywhere Travel Bag includes many features optimized for traveling, like material that is both slash-proof and weather-proof, includes many pockets and compartments, and even wireless charging if you’re strapped for power.

For the Lost Traveler:

Few things are worse than the feeling of being lost in a new city, combined with the feeling of not being able to experience the local culture. Tubudd is a new app that ‘matches’ locals with tourists giving them a unique experience. For an affordable price, tourists can book a local to show them sights off the beaten path, and allow them to experience what life is like for a local. “Tubudd is a service, a marketplace where travelers can book a local guide wherever they go,” said Annie Vu, one of the founders of Tubudd, “...this buddy helps travelers avoid scams, explains the culture, the language and helps them have a better trip without all those hassles.”

For the Dreamer:

Christian Mackie is a travel photographer living in Ottawa, Canada raising money for a photography book that documents many of his travels. Film Feels - Travel in Analog is a compilation of pictures taken on an analog camera in New York, Montreal, Ottawa, Paris, Quebec City, Santorini, Toronto, Tofino, Vancouver and Zurich. “My goal is this book makes you want to hand it to a friend, or pick it up multiple times to flip through over a Sunday morning coffee,” said Mackie. “It'll be light (both physically and characteristically), but I hope it'll make you feel.” No matter what emotion it elicits, hopefully this book will inspire you to pack up your bags and see the sights for yourself.

For the Early Riser:

FLTRgo is a reusable coffee filter that’s best for those on the go. With a handle carved out of bamboo and organic non-GMO cotton for the filter, the materials are both ethically sourced and sustainable. The foldable design and the cleanable cotton allow for it to be a resource to travelers who want to make coffee without the hassle of French presses and espresso machines. Created by the writers of the travel blog Uncontained Life who know the importance of sustainable travel, the FLTRgo is made with travelers in mind. "We wanted to create a travel coffee system that was convenient, durable and also sustainable.” said Justin Baird, one of the creators. “Out of these desires, FLTRgo was born…”

For the Sleepyhead:

Combining support, comfort and “compactability”, the Cori Traveler is a pillow best suited for those in transit. The pillow folds into no bigger than 12cm in diameter and is conveniently portable, as well as comfortable, child-friendly and machine washable. The modular design allows for customization and different levels of support. The creator, Phyllis Ong, understands that not every person has the same needs when it comes to comfort. “The Core Traveler Pillow allows for both customization and adjustments to suit the user’s preferred resting position and neck size.” The pillow, with its customization, allows for a comfortable experience for each user, and makes travelling more enjoyable.

These Kickstarter ideas are great for every type of traveler and seek to change the travel experience. For them to work, they’ll need to be funded. Check them out, and see what other projects can improve traveling

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