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Chez Vous Roller Rink

by Defne Karabucak

Photography courtesy of Sofia Koyama

Chez Vous Roller Rink has the perfect setup with colorful lights, loud music and a giant wooden rink. The neon lights cover all the pillars within the rink. The DJ blasts dance music through the speakers, while people skate around small bouncy castles and arcade games located in the center of the rink.

The walls are decorated with green, blue and orange neon paint reading “Chez Vous.” The arcade in the center is an old-fashioned game where you stand in a plastic box that blows air and your goal is to catch the blowing money within it. Children’s shoes surround the bouncy castles as the kids jump up and down.

Ian Wind (CAS ’19) loved the vibe of the skating rink. “It really made me feel like a kid again, we would go to birthday parties at bowling rinks, but this was so much more fun especially when you have fun people to go with,” he said.

A café and sitting area allows skaters to take a break and eat something while it serves childhood classics like Slurpee’s, chicken fingers, hot dogs and burgers. The entire rink is filled with families and couples coming for classic, simple fun.

People skate at all different levels, ranging from shaky beginners to advanced skaters who can be seen dancing and skating backward. If you want to improve your skating skills, Chez Vous offers lessons for kids, either after school or on the weekends.

Isaac Windfield (QST ’20) said he loved the food. “They had Slurpee’s which I hadn’t seen in forever, and they had funnel cake which was a nice treat after skating around,” he said.

Other than holding events for children Chez Vous is known for holding Swerve. Swerve, a weekend of skating for professional groups and individuals, allows skaters to show off their skating moves through performances. It is open to national skaters, and people come all the way from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and even further just for this event. They come together to share techniques and moves with each other and people eager to learn. The third annual Swerve is in 2018.

Adults can rent skates for $10 on the weekends at Chez Vous. If you want to take a study break with friends during the week, come skate to a theme throughout the weeknights; Mondays are Gospel night, Tuesdays are cheap skate where skates are $5, Wednesdays are adult night where you have to be 18 or older to go, Fridays and Saturdays are all age skates and Sundays are 21+.

Matthew Kurzweil (QST ’19) said he used to go skating a lot at home, so it was fun to go somewhere in Boston.

“I just remember I used to fall a lot, but it was fun,” he said.

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