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Post-Vacation Blues

by Chloë Hudson

Photography courtesy of Marissa Wu

Welcome back.

Wishing you weren’t? You might be suffering from post-vacation blues: a strong feeling of nostalgia for your wonderful winter break and difficulty adjusting back to your normal routine. It’s not always easy. Whether you have been traveling the world or simply celebrating at home with friends and family, it is often hard to shake off this heavy mood after a relaxing month away. But with spring semester now well under way, it is time to learn how to look ahead.

The Symptoms:

Each individual is affected differently, depending on the length and location of their vacation. However, common symptoms include fatigue, loss of appetite and lack of motivation for everyday activities. Unfortunately, these sensations are perpetuated by jet lag, which confuses your body’s circadian rhythm and makes it even more difficult to follow your typical routine.

The Solutions:

If you are experiencing jet lag, the first thing you should focus on is adjusting to the new time zone. Drink plenty of water, but skip the caffeine if it’s later in the day—it will only make it harder to sleep at times when you are already wide awake. Instead, take the T into Boston during the remaining hours of daylight – the sunlight will inhibit the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you feel tired. Once you have beaten your jet leg, you will have much more energy to adjust correctly.

It’s crucial to jump back into your sleep, exercise and work routines from the get-go. Why not turn this into a New Year’s resolution and take the opportunity to establish a healthier routine? You don’t have to be the sleep deprived college student you were last semester. Try to set regular waking and sleeping times, and work FitRec in your schedule somehow.

Make sure that you get together with your friends to acclimate back into your school life. Connect with the friends you only saw on social media for the past four weeks. Get a group together at your usual coffee shop, or try and find a new favorite. If you’re feeling fun, make the most of the leftover snow piles and start a snowball fight along Comm. Ave.

Just because you’re back in Boston doesn’t mean you need to forget about your trip. It’s perfectly okay to reminisce. Why not print out new photos to decorate your dorm room with, or set your photos as the background images on your iPhone and laptop? These photos are great conversation starters that allow you to share your favorite memories.

Plan your next adventure! Devise a “bucket list” with your friends and roommates, and try and get to as many new places as you can throughout the semester. Whether it’s a day trip or a weekend away, there are many locations around BU that make for the perfect break. If all else fails, remember there are only 30 days until spring break.

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