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Student Spotlight

by Geneve Lau

Photography provided by Jamey Miller

Name: Jamey Miller

Hometown: Framingham, MA

School: COM '20, Majoring in Film and Television, focusing more on writing and management, minoring in CFA in Arts Leadership

Dream job: Director on Broadway

Miller grew up originally wanting to pursue a major in theatre, but realized that he didn't necessarily want to be an actor. He loved the feeling of Boston University's campus and the College of Communication, so he decided to pursue a film and television major. He noted that his extracurriculars have been a large part of his social life at BU, and have been more impactful than his academic courses. He is mainly involved with BU on Broadway, as well as other student groups, such as WTBU and Stagetroupe. His involvement in these extracurricular activities have helped him be able to perform, design, and direct full theatrical productions, which he hopes to do after he graduates.

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