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BU Pro Tips

by Geneve Lau

Photography Courtesy of BU Dining Services

1. Breadwinners in Questrom

The Starbucks in Questrom in between classes can be overcrowded. If you just need a simple coffee, you should head over to Breadwinners instead. They have iced and hot coffees, so you can skip the Starbucks line and still get to class on time. They don’t have straws for venti drinks though, so you might head over to the Starbucks counter and grab one before you head out!

2. Laundry Web

You know when you set the timer for your laundry, and when you head down to grab it there’s still upwards of 5-10 minutes left? Sometimes, depending on the machine, the timer might start out later and your cycle may go longer than expected. So, use The Laundy Web site instead, to track your machine’s usage. That way, you don’t make trips down to the laundry room early and have to sit and wait.

3. The 4 Minute Rule

Whether it be for the T or the BUS, I always use the 4-minute rule. Basically, if it says it’s going to come in 4 minutes, I go down the elevator at that time. Now obviously, this can depend on how close you are to the stop and what floor you live on, but generally 4 minutes works.

4. Rajen Kilachand Center

This building can be so intimidating, and one of the entrances has a card reader, so many think that you have to have swipe access to enter. This is not true at all! If you use the entrance by Morse Auditorium, there is a large table with many chairs that is a perfect place to crash if you have some time in between classes and need to get work done. And, since most people think that the building isn’t for student use, you’re generally alone and not distracted by other people!

5. “Tunnels”

We’re not Northeastern with tunnels, but if you don’t want to deal with the cold or rain on the way to class, the Psychology and Sociology department buildings on Cummington Mall are connected in the basement! Enter at the door closest to you, take it to the basement, and walk until you get to the classroom you need to be at. If your classroom isn’t in the basement, memorize the stairwell closest to the class, and take the basement pathway until you get to the stairwell and then take it up to your class! This hack works for CAS, too.

6. Kilachand Kitchen

If you’re really craving baking some cookies but don’t have a kitchen, there’s a way! My neighbor said that most Kilachand students, if they’re nice, will let you use their card and swipe you into their communal kitchen. Let the Pillsbury cookie baking commence!

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