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Here Comes The Sun (Slowly)

by Marianne Farrell

Photography courtesy of

This winter has been quite a tough one, and seemingly it is unending. Boston weather has been absolutely brutal the past few months, and it’s easy to see how much people have been embracing the brief periods of warmth during the day. Soon though, New England will be chock full of things to do in the warm weather, and here are just a few.

Saturday Morning Guided Kayak Tours

Beginning on June 16th and running until September 13th, you may have to wake up early for the kayak tour, which starts at 8 a.m. and runs until 10 a.m., but the views of nearby Providence, Rhode Island would definitely be worth it. It could also be a nice escape from Boston for a day.

Grow Native Plant Sale

If you are feeling bored of the dreary colors of winter, then head to Waltham, Massachusetts to brighten up your home and life with some lovely plants. Better yet, they are all on sale! With more than 2,000 plants for sale ranging 120 different species, you can be sure to find something to lift you out of the winter blues and straight into some serious summer vibes at this plant sale. Catch the sale on May 19th from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Grow Native Massachusetts.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Right by us in nearby Brookline, the annual Cherry Blossom Festival will be taking place at the Brookline High School on May 12th. Join other Bostonians to embrace the change of the seasons and even some games, food and live music.

While it may seem like an endless winter, soon we will all be longing for those chilly winter days ice skating on Frog Pond in Boston, hot chocolate and snow days.

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